Design Notes

April 19, 2013

The Center Of Lore

What Lies Beneath?


It's the lifeblood of the world. The mysterious force that allows people (and some other things) to bend the forces of nature to their will... to weave reality into whatever shape they wish. 

Including shaping yourself out of pure mana!

There are many different sources of magic but mana mostly flows from the para-elemental plane of magic into lore's core where it flows to the surface and wraps the world in a web of ley lines, or invisible rivers of magical energy that flow from place to place. 

Normally the ley lines are constant as the rising of the sun but something has begun deep beneath the suraface of Lore that has cause the ley lines to drift. If this continues, magic fields all over Lore will begin to destabilize causing unpredictable magical effects and disasters of a global scale.


Speak to Warlic in the Magic Shoppe in Battleontown to begin your Journey to the center of Lore!

In this release you will find an event Rare Shop full of amazing, Center-Of-Lore themed items that will only last for a limited time and an unlockble Adventure Shop full of cool gear that you can only get by completing the story. 

Since we made this release in our continuing effort to develop New Battleon, most of you won't find it to be too much of a challenge (pretty low level for new players) but the gear is great, there's still for Members as well as non-members and it's a pretty entertaining story!


The Lucky 13 Contest Shop Arrives!  

Tonight we are also release then Lucky 13 Contest rewards. 

Once again, thanks to everyone who tried to help us reach our goal of 1.3 million new users on AQW. You can find the shop on the Game Menu (Click the SHOPS button) which you can now bring up anywhere in the game by pressing the Treasure Chest Button on your game nav bar. If any of your fellow players are having issues finding the shop, please help them out or link them to this post. 

  • Diamond Dueler Armor
  • Staff of Spades
  • Cape of Clover
  • Helm of the Heart
  • Member-Only Lucky Suit Treasure Chest Bank Pet

All free, all for you! 

Don't miss tonight's Design Notes, Part 2! ... AND Part 3!


April 18, 2013

What Lies Beneath?

Dirt, Rocks And Other Items Of Interest

Tomorrow you, me and Warlic will be heading straight down! 

Something has begun to destabilize the magical lines of fore that flow over the face of Lore, helping magi control the elemental forces of magic and Warlic suspects the cause might lie at the center of Lore itself!

Here's a sneak peek of some of what you can expect to see in the stand alone adventure called The Center Of Lore!

  • An AC Rare Shop!
  • An Unlockable Adventure Shop with Member and non-member items!
  • Dirt!
  • The delivery of several letters!
  • My failing to understand your very obvious requests!
  • More than a few hidden Minecraft jokes!
  • Almost no Jules Verne references!
  • Monsters!
  • At least one skeletal dragon arm!
  • A comfortable crushed velvet chaise lounge!
  • Levers!
  • Rocks!

If you manage to find all of that stuff, I'll be pretty impressed but I guarentee that it's all there! The fun will start at with Warlic in the Magic Shoppe in Battleon and carry you to all over the face of LORE! 

Well... 1 place on the face of Lore. Then back to Battleon. BUT THEN you get to go UNDER the face of Lore! 

See ya then! 

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