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June 18, 2013

Tyronius Tuesday

Featured Artist Showcase Shop

It’s Tuesday! You and 30,000 of our closest friends know what that means: time for another Featured Artist Showcase Shop!

Artist Showcase Shop online adventure games

Every Tuesday, your favorite online adventure game features a certain artist as they showcase their personal stash of items, unleashing their unique flair for the (AQ)world to enjoy!

As the timer ticks down on Aegis’ shop, everyone is anxiously awaiting Tyronius’ Blood Lord and Abyssal Darkness-themed armor sets!

Blood Lord armor set in online game

Blood Lord Set (color custom features)

Abyssal Darkness Set in online adventure game

Abyssal Darkness Set (completely color custom!)

Who is Tyronius?

Tyronius is the one and only true ShadowFire God. A thousand years ago, Tyronius fell to an ancient hero, losing all his power, his realm, and everything else. With the help of his time-traveling brother Cronix, Tyronius was brought back to life… kind of. By using the Blood Lords as puppet minions, Tyronius collects the released power from Chaos Lords, Dage, and Nulgath, slowly regaining his strength.

Tyronius the ShadowFire God

In the real world, Tyronius hails from Poland and is a volunteer artist, just like his twin brother, Cronix. Their father drew a lot and the boys always wanted to make an impression on him—and what an impression they have made! Tyronius first discovered Artix Entertainment when he was 12 years, but AQW ruled his heart.

Here is the 1st thing Tyronius ever made in January 2009!

Tyronius' first art creation

Four years later, Tyronius’ art has evolved and flourished, and absolutely loves what he does (and we totally feel the same way, Ty!). “Make money by doing what you love?! It's some kind of miracle in my opinion!” exclaims Tyronius. “I've been a dev since October 23th, 2012. Being a Dev is one of the best things in my whole life :) Thanks to AE, I've improved my skills. Every single design I made was for AE and the AQW community! I simply love everything about AE! I wish I can spend all time doing designs for AE ;) “


Now it’s your turn to taste the sweetness of Tyronius’ triumphs. Get your Blood Lord Plate Armor Set and the Abyssal Darkness Armor Set later on this afternoon!  

Get Some AdventureCoins!

Gold is good… but AdventureCoins are so much GOODER! If you wanna score the best items from Tyronius’ Shop and all throughout the game, you should really stock up on some ACs.

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