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October 14, 2013

AQWorlds 5th Birthday

Dragon Ninjas vs Ultra BrutalCorn!

BattleCon 2013: an in-game convention continues this Friday with an expansion to the Secret Underground Lab map! Normally the SUL (secret underground lab) where Artix Entertainment games are made are invaded by ninjas or zombies roughly every couple weeks. We know how to handle those attacks.

Emergency Invasion Chainsaws!

NOT THIS WEEK! Something is hiding in the shadows of the Room of Gloom, racing through the Soundbooth of Horrors, shattering windows and dreams with well-placed blows of his hind hooves.

This is not the Ultra BrutalCorn you will face.

Here and there and everywhere... wreaking chaos in the Lab. It's up to YOU to stop ULTRA Brutalcorn, Hero! (You didn't think he was done with you after last Friday's battle, did you?!)

This Friday, prepare to:

  • Avoid ambushes by BrutalCorn and the Invisible Imposter Guard Ninjas!
  • Help Artix the WindowSlayer take out all of the OTHER windows!
  • Knock out the Green Screamers in the Green Room!
  • Battle through the Soundbooth of Horrors!
  • Clean out the Skeletons in our Server Closet!
  • Take on Ultra BrutalCorn in the Room of Gloom!
    (What is back there? NO ONE KNOWS!) 

5th Birthday Class: Dragon Shinobi!

You can buy the Dragon Shinobi class from Ragnar in Battleon for 2,000 AdventureCoins until the class goes rare around our NEXT Birthday. However, until the birthday event rares leave, you will be able to EARN the class and all the extras completely free and all you have to do is help clear all these monsters out of the Lab and BattleCon!

Summon the Dragon Ninjas!

Artix will give you the quests you need to earn the class and also has the merge shop where you can buy them. Legends can access a daily quest which will let them earn triple the number of tokens, but with a little effort, everyone can earn the class before it leaves! 

Who's our favorite Dragon Shinobi? YOU ARE!

Just REMEMBER, the chance to earn the class is a special bonus for those of you who were here to help celebrate AQW's 5th birthday and AE's 11th anniversary! Once the birthday event rare gear leaves on November 18th, you will no longer be able to earn the class. But 1 month should be PLENTY of time for anyone to earn it.

You will need to turn in the quests and re-accept them every time. We've been forced to take this measure to help combat botters so you can thank those people if you find that a little annoying.

5th Birthday Presents!

It wouldn't be a party without presents! The monsters in the Lab will be dropping permanently-available gear, and you'll find the Birthday Present rares shop when you talk to Artix!

Five Rings Fire Warrior and Dragon Shinobi

Much of this year's birthday gear is based on the Shinobi and Ninja culture to celebrate Artix's appearance on America Ninja Warrior, and because so many of us have read The Book of War and The Book of Five Rings.

5th Birthday gear includes:

  • Five Rings Fire Warrior set
  • Five Rings Water Warrior set
  • Five Rings Air Warrior set
  • Five Rings Earth Warrior set
  • Five Rings Light Warrior helm
  • Five Rings Void Warrior helm
  • Invisible Ninja Armor (AC w/ xp bonus)
  • Invisible Ninja Armor (Legend w/ rep bonus)
  • Green Screamer set
  • Bearded BrutalCorn helm
  • and more!

BattleCon 2013 and other updates!

We haven't forgotten BattleCon 2013: an in-game convention... or that today is Canada's Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey-day, Canadians! The Canada Thanksgiving Day shop will remain in-game until next Monday, October 21st.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The shops for Dage, Beleen, Memet, and BattleGems will all get updates. 
  • Veneeria's shop will be added. 
  • More details on HeroMart gear will be added.
  • The "pet of the random month" is in production!
  • Starsword hilt recolors are coming soon.
  • Dumoose is still working on the design for the Oracle Class.
  • Stay tuned for more details on the Mogloween challenge fight and rewards!
  • We have removed the BrutalCorn badge from character pages. We will look more into this issue when Yorumi returns from vacation later this week.
  • We are in final testing of the item deletion/stack bug. That should roll later this week.
  • Guild PTR badges will be awarded once Yorumi returns.

October 12, 2013

BattleCon Swag

BattleCon-sider Grabbing This Gear!

One of the best parts about hanging out at Con with your friends is picking up souvenirs and awesome items that just look, well, really COOL! And BattleCon 2013, our in-game convention, is no different: we've got a TON of gear for you to check out. Some of it will go rare once the event ends, but much of it will stay in-game (along with the maps, monsters, and cutscenes) forever!

/Cheer for gear from your favorite AE games!

BattleCon Cosplay Rare Gear

Get your BattleCon on with epic cosplay gear! Play the part as you battle BrutalCorn, conrot, and Cosplay Zombies!


  • Pony Trooper Rainbow
  • Pony Trooper Rainbow Helm
  • Pony Fett
  • Pony Fett Helm
  • Pony Wan Kenobi
  • Pony Wan Kenobi Helm
  • Pony Maul
  • Pony Maul Helm
  • Pony Vader
  • Pony Vader Helm
  • Doctor What
  • Doctor What’s Hair
  • Ms. What’s Hair

Two of our (not-quite-over-9000) items!

  • Kakarotting Zombie
  • Kakarotting Zombie Halo
  • Kakarotting Zombie Hair
  • Zombie Balls D
  • Kakarotting Staff
  • V for Vampire
  • V for Vampire Mask
  • V for Vampire Fangs
  • V for Vampire Red Fangs
  • Vendetta Wings
  • Vendetta Daggers
  • Poisonous Jester
  • Mr. J
  • Jester Pigtails
  • Super Kathool Morph
  • Super Kathool  Wings
  • Super Kathool Spear
  • Super Kathool Face
  • Dagek

Note, Green Screamer set returns next week in Birthday Shop, not rare

AQWorlds Birthday Gear

Created by the AQWorlds' artists for our favorite hero: you!


  • Items coming next week

Birthday theme: Artix Entertainment Ninjas!


  • Legend Shirt
  • Chaos Shirt

AdventureQuest Gear

Selected by Hollow, head of AdventureQuest, to showcase the awesome gear found throughout the original AQ!


  • Hollow Point Special
  • Onyx Wartexx
  • Omelyhi’s Rule
  • Ninemares +3
  • Dainashini
  • Agony Chains


  • WarpForce Shirt
  • AdventureQuest Shirt
  • Radiant Lucian Spear
  • Blazing Igneus Sickle
  • Iconoclast
  • Horn of Terra Suul
  • Arctic Glacius Hammer
  • Quaking Geoto Sceptre
  • Voltaic Dynami Spear
  • Torrential Nautica Axe
  • Spirit Hunter Scythe
  • Paramount Edge
  • Cloaked Nocturu Dagger
  • Dark Comedy
  • Cyclone Aerodu Shortbow
  • Arcane Curve

DragonFable Gear

Rock your AQWorld with gear from DragonFable, selected by Tomix the SoulWeaver! 


  • Midnight Wish
  • Paragon Bearclaw
  • Obsidian Dragon Blade
  • Mjolnir Staff
  • Dragon’s Plume
  • Gloom Glaive

Gloom Glaive, handpicked by Tomix for DF's shop!


  • DragonFable Shirt
  • Cordemi Codex
  • Cordemi Sword
  • Cordemi Daggers
  • Escelense Defender Blade
  • Cordemi Staff
  • Revolving Ridfleblade
  • Celestia’s Blade
  • Midsummer Wizard Wand
  • Death’s August Scythe
  • Garden’s Sphere
  • Amber Axe of the Harvest
  • Tomix's armor coming next week!

MechQuest Gear

Handpicked by Maegwyn, head of MechQuest, this galactic gear includes art by Minar and Bladebrawl!


  • Energy Scalpel
  • Bright Blade
  • Tech Blade
  • Orange Tech Blade
  • Dark Tech Blade
  • Purple Tech Blade
  • Gleaming Pan


  • Solar Spike
  • Soul  Sapper
  • Shadowfoil
  • Red Tech Blade
  • Green Tech Blade
  • Grimy Pipe
  • Laser Pistol
  • Ultraviolet
  • Wolfblade Shirt
  • Runehawk Shirt
  • MystRaven Shirt

EpicDuel Gear

NightWraith, creative lead of EpicDuel, knows that /equipping any of this gear will make you a much cooler Dueler in AQW!


  • Wraith Warder 
  • Wraith Baton 
  • Wraith Axe 
  • Charfade’s Club
  • Charfade’s Claws
  • Dual Wraith Revolvers
  • Dual Wraith Repeaters
  • Dual Char Blasters

PvP to the Vth power!


  • Charfade’s Staff
  • Charfade’s Blade
  • Charfade’s Blaster
  • Wraith Reapers
  • Wraith’s Pike
  • Wraith Revolver
  • Wraith Repeater
  • Wraith Elite
  • EpicDuel Shirt

HeroSmash Gear

Calling all heroes AND villains! Smash your way through battle with gear straight from Randor's computer to YOUR backpack!


  • Lion Mask
  • Shark Bite Helm
  • Dual Cyan Zappers
  • Dual Red Zappers
  • The Anchor


  • HeroSmash Shirt
  • Monkey on your back Cape
  • Red Zapper
  • Cyan Zapper
  • Anchor
  • Pole-lamp

OverSoul Gear

You won't get over how awesome this gear is anytime soon! Created by Nulgath and his artistic apprentice, Revontheus, you'll be soul'd on every item they've got!


  • Energy Mace of Souls
  • Iron Maiden Face
  • Bladed Daggers of Souls
  • Soul Searcher Rune
  • Dual Emerald Axes of Falguard
  • Dual Not so nICE Axes
  • Oversoul Minion


  • Ice Witch Face
  • Jack Frost Face
  • Oversoul Shirt
  • Blade of Souls
  • Blue Oversoul Cape
  • Black Oversoul Cape
  • Gusty Gray Cloak
  • Oversoul MerMan
  • Oversoul MerMan Face
  • Soul Seeker's Runed Cloth Cape
  • OverSoul's Royalty Cape
  • Shining Light Royalty Cloak
  • Shining Light Frame
  • Fight of the Light
  • Soul Ripper Scythe
  • Not so nICE Axe
  • Emerald Axe of Falguard

EbilCorp Gear

Chairman Platinum says you'll take what he's got to give and love it. What the Chairman says goes, right?


  • EbilCorp Shirt

BattleGems Gear

Artix, Cysero, Yergen, and the crew have been hard at work prepping BattleGems for launch. We have a full BattleGems shop planned for release soon. Until then, keep an eye out for a new staff (and maybe some other gear) this coming week!


  • Items coming next week


  • BattleGems Shirt
  • Items coming next week

Bladehaven: Dragon's Bane Gear

Kraken, head of the Dragon's Bane team, knows that once you see what his team has in store for your tablet and cellphone, you'll be ready pick up the blade and head off into the 3rd dimension!


  • Rise of a DragonSlayer Armor
  • Bladehaven Ice Sword
  • Galanoth's Bladehaven Blade
  • Bladehaven Dragon Helm

HeroMart Gear


  • HeroMart Shirt

Food Court


  • Anti-Con Rot Cookies
  • Speed Bracer Bites
  • DAMAGE Donuts
  • AE Energy Drink
  • AE STR Boost

Featured Artist Alley Shops

The shops in our Featured Artist Alley contain gear by individual AQW artists. When we began the Featured Artist shop series, we planned to have them cycle in and out of availability, bringing the returning items AND new rare gear each time they appeared.

Our artists LOVE creating gear for you!

Now that they have a permanent home in BattleCon 2013: an in-game convention, the Featured Artist Shops will remain there with each shops' permanent gear. As we cycle the shops in and out over the coming months and years, the new gear they create will be a mix of rare and permanent content, with the non-rare items going into the Artist Alley shops.

DragonFiend Rider in Nulgath's Shop

The Dage and Nulgath Artist Alley shops WILL get permanently-available items in them; however, the gear currently in each shop WILL go rare once this event ends in a few weeks.

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