Design Notes

July 03, 2013

Mech Dealership

Your one stop robot chop shop!

Everyone is ecstatic over Diozz’s Artist Showcase Shop, loaded with giant battle-ready robot Mechs and transforming helms!

Artist Diozz in online adventure game

Here’s the price breakdown of Diozz’s shop that is found in the Game Menu.

  • Spearhead Mech armor
    425 AdventureCoins

  • Spearhead Head helm
    200 AdventureCoins

  • Drill Breaker blade
    150 AdventureCoins

  • Calavera Mech armor
    25000 Gold

  • Calavera Head helm
    45000 Gold for Members
    or 200 AdventureCoins

  • Carnicero Axe
    12500 Gold

  • Carnicero Dual Axes
    17500 Gold for Members

  • Galatea Mech armor
    25000 Gold for Members
    or 425 AdventureCoins

  • Galatea Head helm
    45000 Gold for Members
    or 75 AdventureCoins

  • Razorkiss Mech armor
    17020 Gold for Members
    or 225 AdventureCoins

  • Razorkiss Head helm
    25000 Gold for Members
    or 200 AdventureCoins

Get your Robot On all day long!

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