Design Notes

February 22, 2013

New New Beginnings

Another Tutorial?

Yup. Why?


Because, while the first one was useful and informative, quite a few of the people we've had test it (none of whom have seen AQW before) thought there was too much to read and it was giving too much information at once. Looking at numbers, it wasn't really helping players get into the action. In the new attempt we decided to keep as simple as we could.

Mr. Clicky Hand helps you! (BTW the sword is found in this new tutorial adventure.)

We wanted to give new players a chance to learn the very basics of AQW. Moving, Fighting, Opening A Shop and Using An Item. We're going to see how this new version treats new players. If it does well then we might tweak it out a little. If it bombs then we try again and keep trying until we get something good. It was pretty weird writing cutscenes with no talking in them at all, but it helps sticking with a simple plot. A tower under attack, a mage in need and a HUGE black dragon to fight.


This is really for new players but you can find some pretty nice new weapons in the new tutorial so feel free to try it out and let us know what you think from a brand new players perspective. 

Adventure Time?

One of the BEST things about AQ Classic is the random battle button that automatically takes you right into the action letting you fight stuff that is good for your level.

When I first started playing AQ Classic I spent about 4 hours just clicking that button over and over. It's about time we had something like that for new players. Enter the Random Adventure Button (Beta).

Dumoose spent rather a lot of his week building this smart button. It will (try to) take you to an area in the game that is good for your character, Most of you loyal players who play every release as soon as it comes out on Friday will have done all of this stuff but for people new to the game, or even people who are just trying to level their characters it will be a very fun little tool to play with it. You can try out the button in Battleon and let us know what you think. If you find any bugs remember to report them on our new Bug Tracker. 

Beautiful Creatures Rare Shop

We're not sure if this has anything to do with the movie or not. Probably not. Nobody here has even seen a trailer for it but we naturally assumed it has something to do with red pandas.

Anyway, this gear is really great and it will only be in-game for a limited time so fee free to let your wild side out.

Boss Drop Hunt!

To celebrate the release of the Graveclaw cutscenes, we have put the Shattersword Pickaxes on a number of the hardest bosses in game! They will have a VERY low drop rate (less than 1%) and a VERY high sell back, AND they'll stay in-game permanently! 


We're interested to see who can solve these clues and be the first to collect all 6! Here are your hints:

  1. Walk the seas of time and sand. Take your enemy's life in hand. Find the battle, hunt the prize. Graveclaw waits, but soon will rise.

  2. It watches from beyond the grave, banished, but now called to save.Now Graveclaw beckons from his cave.

  3. The future calls. The memories bleed. But Graveclaw promises all she'd need.

  4. Music, madness, and memories sing when Graveclaw summons this Beast of a thing.

  5. A question never asked, an answer no one learns. Graveclaw will ally with the one who burns.

  6. Twists and turns to hide the truth. All locked inside a small, skewed cube?

Dage's Epic Birthday Shop!

Dage's birthday (March 2nd) is coming up and as usual he blowing the roof off of it.


Next Friday he will be moving from Shadowfall to the Underworld where he will have better access to the Soul Forge to use the spirits of his loyal followers to craft even more devastating weapons and armor. Last year's Paragon pet will NOT return, but he is crafting a NEW Pet for this year that will give access to some interesting stuff. 

Trophy Hunter!

Very recently had release the trophy Hunter special promotional package for certain people, The delivery code worked perfectly (for once) so we are expanding the chance to get the limited time Trophy Hunter set to a larger select group. If you see the Trophy Hunter banner below your game screen... up and upgrade then you will unlock the Trophy Hunter badge in your Book of Lore... but you MUST click the banner below the game screen for your upgrade to unlock Trophy Hunter. 

Quibble & Tournament Rares: Last Chance!

Quibble is leaving next Wednesday so this is your last chance to grab items from this visit, including the new Deathblood Set coming to Quibble TONIGHT!


I know that I said last week would be the last buff, but the art team has a bad habit of topping their previous best. Next week The Tournament Rares Shop and Heroes Heart Day seasonal map and items will also be leaving on Wednesday.  

If you haven't played the Battle Coliseum yet, don't worry. It's not going anywhere. Only the Tournament Rares shop will be going rare.

No Suggestion Shop Update

We were supposed to have a player Suggestion Shop update today but volunteer developer Vokun was struck down with a mysterious illness (probably the flu) so wasn't able to complete the update this week, but hopefully next week he will be feeling better and be able to return to providing AQW with great art. Get well soon, Vokun!

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