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January 14, 2022

Nulgath's 2022 Birthday Shop + Collection

Unlock 100+ rare items in Nulgath's Birthday Collection

Nulgath’s birthday celebration begins this weekend, and we want everyone to get in on the /party! For all you real-life rare hunters, the Nulgath 2022 Collection Chest is here! Get all of the event rare gear + a character page badge for 10,000 ACs (Over 33,000 ACs worth of gear)!

This week, Nulgath's Collection Chest pet unlocks 3 items, including:

  • Void Symbiote's Blade Pet (with a quest for the exclusive character page badge)
  • Bloodbound Void set
  • SoulKnight of Nulgath set
  • Fiendish DragonKnight set
  • Purified ArchFiend Warrior set
  • ArchFiend Titan set
  • ArchFiend's Warlord set
  • ArchFiend's Judge set
  • ArchFiend's Commandant set
  • VoidFiend Symbiote set
  • Oversoul Vampire set
  • Aberrant armor
  • Plus additional pets, weapons and more!

Even more gear will arrive in Nulgath's 2022 Birthday Collection Chest next Friday! If you buy the chest this week, those items will be automatically added to your chest. You can also buy individual items from Nubble the Makai in Battleon.

Just want a couple of the items listed above? Apart from the exclusive pets, all of the gear contained inside the Nulgath 2022 Collection chest will also be available to buy individually in Nubble's shop.

Read on for important information

A few important tips to remember:

  • All of this year's event rare items will be available individually from the birthday rares shop in Battleon until February 11th, 2022.
  • In order to prevent shop abuse, the Collection Chest pet and Badge Quest pet cannot be sold.
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January 14, 2022

Fiendish LoreMaster Quests + Rewards

New Nulgath Birthday Rares, Farming Rewards, and Lore!

Nulgath the ArchFiend’s birthday celebration begins this weekend, and we want everyone to get in on the /party! Join us as we bring back his seasonal birthday gear and a new shop FULL of wicked rare items! 

This weekend, /join tercessuinotlim and find Jadzia the Nation Loremaster.

  • Complete her quests to learn more about the Nation 
  • Unlock fiendish base class armors 
  • Battle Taro Manslayer to unlock a short story from guest Loremaster and Nation fan, Sevestus aka Balorfiend

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Discover More about Nulgath's Master

Last year, we introduced a new adventure, telling the story of how Nulgath was human once... until he met his Master, Adimonde. If you are just joining us, now's your chance to learn disover what Master Adimonde taught Nulgath... and how he was prepared to reward his hard work and sacrifice.

  • Fiend Champion of Adimonde
  • Evolved Worshipper of Nulgath
  • Arcane Warfiend of Nulgath

Nulgath's Seasonal Birthday Shop Returns

Find Nulgath's seasonal birthday shop is full of dark and deadly gear. These sets will return every year for his birthday, as our way of helping all his fans celebrate! Find the shop in your Game Menu until February 11th. 

Nulgath's seasonal Birthday Shop features:

  • Void Rebirth armor set
  • Void Awakening armor set
  • Shielded variants of both armors
  • Nulgath's Bounty Hunter Drone Pet (with two quests)
  • Nulgath's Birthday Gift Pet (with one quest)

Not sure who Nulgath is? Read on!

Nulgath the ArchFiend is the in-game persona for Nulgath-the-team-member, one of AQWorlds' original artists. Though he no longer works regularly for Artix Entertainment, his art style (prevalent in early AQW and featured in Oversoul) and the character itself remain hugely popular with many of our long-time heroes. To recognize their dedication and enjoyment, we hold an event in-game each year to celebrate the character and give them a hefty dose of the gear they love.

Flash is Dead. AQWorlds lives on with the Artix Games Launcher!

Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player plug-in, has stopped supporting Flash. But never fear! We built the Artix Games Launcher so you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games. 

Download the Artix Games Launcher at  and you'll be able to continue playing all your favorite Artix games right from your computer. No Flash Player or web browser needed.

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January 14, 2022

Fiendish Updates + Improvements

Nulgath Nation Quest Updates

 This week several Nulgath related quests and areas have received quality of life improvements and balance updates, most notably to the Gem(stone) of Nulgath Pet and Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance set of quests.

Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance

  • The Escherion’s Helm turn-in requirement has been replaced with a new misc item called Relic of Chaos.
  • Relic of Chaos stacks to 13 and drops from Escherion at the same rate of Escherion’s Helm.
  • Relic of Chaos also drops from Chaos Gemrald, Hydra Head 90, and Ultra Alteon (Chaos).
  • All farming pet quests that rewarded Escherion’s Helm now reward a Relic of Chaos instead.
  • Unidentified 19 is now a 3% drop from every version of the quest (it was previously a 2% drop on certain versions of the quest).

Gem(stone) of Nulgath

  • The Gem of Nulgath pet has been renamed to Gemstone of Nulgath.
  • Several Gemstone of Nulgath quests have been changed.
  • Forge Gemstones for Nulgath, Forge Tainted Gems for Nulgath, Forge Dark Crystal Shards for Nulgath, Forge Diamonds for Nulgath, Forge Blood Gems for Nulgath, and Carve the Unidentified Gemstone have all had their turn in requirements and rewards adjusted.

Receipt of Nulgath

  • The drop rate of the Receipt of Nulgath (misc) has been increased on the Receipt of Nulgath quest.
  • The Receipt of Nulgath quest now rewards a new misc item called Shredded ARS Document. 
  • Receipt of Nulgath (misc) can now be purchased in Swindle’s Ripoff Emporium for 13 Shredded ARS Documents.

Miscellaneous Quest/Map/Item Updates

Void Highlord’s Challenge

  • The level requirement has been changed to 80 (the class itself remains a level 50 item).
  • No longer requires Dwakel Decoder, The Secret 1, Elemental Ink, and Bone Dust.
  • XP reward increased.

Demanding Items of Nulgath

  • Unidentified 13 is no longer a reward option.
  • Gold and XP rewards increased.

Totem of Nulgath (quest)

  • The turn in requirement has been changed to 25 Essence of Nulgath and Taro’s Manslayer.

Void Spartan

  • Now requires 5 Blood Gems of the ArchFiend instead of 15 Diamonds of Nulgath.
  • The random drop rewards have been changed to “Choose One Of”.
  • XP reward increased.

Void Shogun Farming Quest

  • Now requires 7 Blood Gems of the ArchFiend instead of 10 Diamonds of Nulgath.
  • The random drop rewards have been changed to “Choose One Of”.
  • Gold and XP rewards increased.

Enough DOOM for an Archfiend

  • No longer rewards Unidentified 10 or The Secret 1.

Tools For the Job

  • Gold and XP rewards increased.

Reap the Souls

  • Now requires 20 Tainted Gems in addition to the Combat Soulreaper of Nulgath.
  • Rep reward increased.

Tercessuinotlim Updates

  • Incorrect cave paths no longer send the player out of the map.
  • Most monsters no longer aggro the player when they move.
  • Monsters in rooms with NPCs no longer aggro the player upon respawn.
  • Taro, Swindle, and the Twins’ rooms are now directly connected to each other.
  • Taro Blademaster has finished meditating.

Item Changes

  • Balor’s Cruelty drop rate increased.
  • Taro’s Manslayer drop rate increased.
  • Unidentified 19 can now be purchased from Swindle’s Ripoff Emporium for 6 Receipts of Swindle.
  • The Void Warlock weapons now give a 40% damage to all monsters boost.
  • The Void Warlock armor, helmet, and pet now give a 25% damage to all monsters boost.
  • ArchFiend Class...

ArchFiend Class Buff

Additionally, for Nulgath’s birthday this year, the classic Nation class ArchFiend has received a rework! It still retains its identity as an Archfiend of the Nation, now reshaped to better fit its roles as an offensive support and farmer. Now, it’s powerful enough to be an asset in anybody’s inventory. 

In lieu of its hefty performance buff, the class requirements have also been made worthy of its newfound power. If you own the old version of the class, congratulations! It's been replaced by the new version. Otherwise, head to /tercessuinotlim and speak to Oblivion to begin your “Void Promotion,” or purchase it for 2000 ACs. Unlike before, you no longer need to be a Legend to acquire the class.

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January 10, 2022

Vote for your Favorite NPC

Hero's Heart Day poll in progress!

Head north in Battleon and talk to Big Daddy. He has 3 NPC polls for you to vote in to help the developers decide the direction of our Hero's Heart Day event. 

You know NOTHING normal happens in AQWorlds. This isn't going to be your standard, lovey-dovey date-o-rama holiday event! Vote for one male, female, and non-binary and/or non-human* NPC from each pairing below. Tomorrow, the winners from each match will face off.

Then those winners will face off again on Wednesday, until we have our winning trio. Those three NPCs will each appear in this year's Hero's Heart Day event.

* Note: Mi from Darkon's Saga has always identified as non-binary and non-human. So they are doubly-suited for this role.

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January 07, 2022

Double Artist Birthday Week

Log in and celebrate Crulon and Hikari's Birthdays!

This month, we're celebrating the new year and a host of AE team member and guest artist birthdays! We kick off the gift-off with new quests and gear from Crulon and Hikari. The adventures will continue all month long, so gear up and get ready to /SLAY!

Whether you are a fan of light gear, dark, or in between, this week we've got something for you! 

Plus, log in this weekend for…

  • The last change to get 50% more ACs during our 2021 Holiday AdventureCoin bonus
  • Our 2021 Honorable Hero awards have been added to all eligible accounts

Guardian of the Djinn Realm: Dream Palace

Crulon is one of the guardians of the Djinn Realm... and also one of AQWorlds top item artists. He celebrates his real-life birthday this month, and to share in the joy he felt, he’s created a host of new treasures for you! 

  • Find the rare Golden Dream Guardian set in your Featured Gear Shop until February 4th
  • /join dreampalace and battle Gazeroth to collect the pieces of the 0 AC rare Silver Dream Guardian set until February 4th

Real Life Quest: Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!

More Adventures in the Djinn Realm

Last year, a fabulous palace appeared in the Djinn Realm, as if from someone’s dream. Log in and explore /dreampalace to see what treasures it holds!

Great ready to...

  • /join dreampalace and take down a series of all-new minibosses
  • Continue battling until you their unique weapon drops then quest to level them up into even more mystical versions
  • Create versions of the boss armor sets in Crulon's Dream Palace merge shop

Being a Djinn Guardian, you come across a LOT of mystical chests. Several years ago, Crulon found one locked with three magical seals. Decipher his riddles, locate the monsters, and fight to get the seals you need.

Talk to him in /djinn to begin his quests. Complete his Seal of Approval quest and to collect the pieces of the Serpent Knight gear. Find his Sandsea Enchanter set in his birthday shop or the Featured Gear shop in your game menu.

Meet Hikari the ShadowHunter

This weekend, /join banished and explore until you encounter the dark but generous ShadowSlayer... Hikari! In the real world, Hikari is one of our team artists, creating reward items, monster art, and more for our weekly releases. And this weekend, to celebrate his birthday, he's crafted a host of gear for you to hunt for! 

Great ready to...

  • /join banished and solve his riddles to recover valuable artifacts
  • Complete all-new quests to learn more about him and collect the items to make two new rep sets
  • Battle to earn his Diabolical Witch and Ectomancer armor sets

Real Life Quest: Wish him a happy birthday on Twitter!

Flash is Dead. AQWorlds lives on with the Artix Games Launcher!

Adobe, the maker of the Flash Player plug-in, has stopped supporting Flash. But never fear! We built the Artix Games Launcher so you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games.
Download the Artix Games Launcher at  and you'll be able to continue playing all your favorite Artix games right from your computer. No Flash Player or web browser needed.
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January 07, 2022

Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin Sets

Upgrade to unlock the exclusive armor sets

Good or Evil... all heroes will eventually fall under the spell of the ArchFiend. Get Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin upgrade bonus pack when you buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more and unlock all the gear and a character page badge.

After you purchase an account upgrade, select a bonus set of your choice from a list of options in your Account Manager

Pack Details

Choose Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin Upgrade Bonus Set to unlock the Dark ArchFiend Paladin and ArchFiend Paladin armor sets:

  • 2 armors
  • 4 weapons
  • 3 capes
  • 6 helms
  • and a character page badge

Once you've chosen Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin Upgrade bonus on the Account Manager page, log in and find the set's shop in the Other Achievements tab in your Book of Lore. 

40000 AC package rewards:

  • ALL Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin Upgrade Bonus Set gear
  • Mythic Item of Donated Awesomeness (redeem for almost any rare item in the game!)
  • 15 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

12000 AC or 12 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin Upgrade Bonus Set gear
  • 7 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • 10 Wheel of Doom Tickets (worth 2,000 ACs!)
  • and a character page badge

Boosts and Doom Tickets will be added directly to your inventory.

2k and 5k AC or 1, 3, or 6 month membership package rewards:

  • ALL Nulgath's Dark + ArchFiend Paladin Upgrade Bonus Set gear
  • 5 Rep/XP/Gold/Class Points boosts 
  • and a character page badge


Get 50% more FREE bonus AdventureCoins with any Adventure or Membership package until Monday, January 10th! So if you want to get a gift for that special someone (or yourself) this is a great time to do it! 

Wait...AdventureCoin Bonus?!

That's right! Several times each year, we have bonus AdventureCoin offers (example: Summer, Back to School, and during the holidays). Bonus amounts and dates may change from year to year, so keep an eye on the Design Notes and social media for more news of future bonuses.

Get 60,000 ACs while our Holiday Bonus is on!

Get 40,000 ACs for $99.95 and unlock your choice of upgrade bonus pack, 15x Rep, Gold, Class Points, and XP server boosts, and the new Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (IoDA). But while our 50% holiday bonus is on... get 60,000 ACs for $99.95!

Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness?!

The Mythic Item of Digital Awesomeness (or MIoDA for short) is a miscellaneous item you will get by purchasing the 40k AdventureCoin pakage. Like the other IoDA items, it allows you to choose any item in the game when you redeem it through your Account Manager.

How to Claim your MIoDA Prize

Make sure you have a confirmed email address attached to your game account, and then follow these steps:

  1. Decide on the item you want
  2. Log into your Account Manager
  3. Click on the "Awesome Prizes" link on the sidebar
  4. You'll see a list of the IoDA tokens you have available
  5. Choose from a list of ALL the eligible item rewards  
  6. You'll be taken to a verification page to confirm your choice
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January 07, 2022

2021 Honorable Hero Rewards

Log in to get your Honorable Hero Prize 

As a way of saying "thanks!" to the heroes who did not get muted or banned in 2020 (an even greater feat than in normal years!). In this year of unprecendented challenges, you kept your cool, followed the rules without fail, and emerged from the fires still standing strong. As an incentive for everyone to keep following the rules in 2021, we are awarding players who helped keep AdventureQuest Worlds a positive, fun, and family-friendly game!

What's an honorable hero, you ask? Good question! They are what true in-game heroes and role models are, and we want to reward them for a year's worth of good behavior... with 500 FREE AdventureCoins and a character page badge! 

Starting today, if your hero account meets the following requirements:

  • Did not receive a 24 hour or longer in-game mute or ban in 2021
  • Not currently disabled
  • Logged in between January 1st, 2021 and December 31st, 2021
  • Level 11 or higher 
  • Created your account before January 1st, 2022

You've already been awarded your 500 AdventureCoins. Your character page badge will arrive with tonight's release.

When will I get my prize?

The fastest, easiest way to get you your rewards is to automatically give them to you the next time you log in after the daily server reset. Servers reset at midnight EST. So if you are logging into AQWorlds for the first time today, you'll see your award. If you already logged into the game today, you'll get your rewards when you log in tomorrow.

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January 04, 2022

Tuesday Night Updates

Honorable Hero + Gifting Rewards

Honorable Hero + Gifting Tier rewards update: these will be delayed. I had wanted to get them out today, but ... the delay's all on me. I got hit by a few day-long meetings this week and last as we closed 2021 and began 2022.

We'll be getting the badges and gear finalized tonight and the rewards will release ASAP this week.

Constructive Criticism Thoughts

Thank you to everyone who posted about our recent releases. We want to do more polls, have more dialogues and input, to create the releases you want to play.

It is always good to know what the community likes! That tells us what to keep doing. It is just as important to know what the community doesn't like. That tells us where we can change and improve.

But a small request: remember -- our developers and team members are only human. They're always working hard to build updates for everyone to enjoy, and to make the community a fun place. 

A key part of "constructive criticism" is the constructive part. Tell us what you liked, or didn't like, and why. Be detailed, but please... be polite.

If there's something you like, great! It's always good to praise creators when you enjoy their work. If there's something you don't like, that's ok, too. Not everyone likes everything. We want to know what didn't appeal to you, and why you didn't enjoy it. That's how we grow and get better.

Posting on social media and Discord is optional for all our developers and team members -- artists, writers, coders, testers, mods, etc. They want to share their love of the games with you... most of them started as members of the community. Insulting, threatening, or harassing them makes it harder for the team to hop on and engage with everyone. 

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January 04, 2022

Frostval 2021 AC Gifting Event

Thank you to everyone who helped spread /cheer last year

The Frostval AC 2021 Gifting event has ended! Thank you to everyone who donated to help their fellow heroes have a very merry Frostval! Badges and rewards will be added this week. 

Our First AC Gifting Event Was Insane O_O

The entire team was blown away by how many heroes donated, and how many heroes received gifts. We saw a lot of very happy heroes get free ACs from other heroes, which was the goal. So... objective met, thanks to the generosity of the AQW community!

We also saw a lot of feedback for how you'd like to see future gifting events adjusted. The team's been discussing your feedback over the course of the event, and is still talking about it as I type this.

Some ideas we are exploring before the next event:

  • Changing basic eligibility requirements (example: increasing the minimum character level)
  • Activity requirements to be eligible for receiving gifts (ex - having heroes "opt-in" by completing a quest to be eligible for that day's gifts)
  • Capping how many rewards a single account can receive in a day, and over the course of the whole event to help distribute the rewards to more heroes
  • Adjusting the tier spread on the leaderboard to use % rather than spot # (Ex - the top 5% of heroes unlock Tier 4)
  • Adding "community reward" tiers, which would unlock for everyone based on the total amount of ACs donated.
  • Future gifting events will not be limited to just AC donation. The donation system could be used to donate items bought for gold or earned through in-game story events. (Ex: Big Daddy wants you to send Flowers and Chocolate for Hero's Heart Day, and you get those by farming the story event.)

These aren't all confirmed, and they are only a small amount of the ideas and feedback sent, but they are all under serious consideration.

We'll also add even more information in-game to help explain the guidelines of who can receive / donate gifts, eligibility, and how the gift distribution works. (For example, the game doesn't know the difference between a "main" account and an "alt" account... it just knows which accounts are eligible based on the requirements the team set. All eligible accounts had the same chance to receive ACs.)

Wait... What?!

If you're just joining us (or back from a break), last year, AQWorlds held our first-ever AC Gifting Event for Frostval. Heroes could talk to Chilly in Battleon to donate AdventureCoins to a random hero to make their holiday bright. Donating unlocked in-game items as our way of rewarding your generosity, and heroes climbed the Donation Leaderboard

Frostval Gifting Leaderboard

A HUGE congratulations to the heroes who shared their ACs with those around them. Your generosity helped heroes you've never met have a brighter holiday season. Your prizes will be awarded this week!

Tier 4: Top 250

  • Northland Lights Castle house
  • Northlands Worshipper armor set
  • Sapphire Giftbox pet w/ quest for Tier IV Trophy house item
  • All Generosity Coin Merge Shop items
  • All rewards from Tiers I, II, III, and IV
  • Frostval 2021 Gifting character page + Tier IV Book of Lore badge

Tier 3: Top 500

  • Frostval ShadowFall Celebration house                              
  • Winter Underworld Warrior armor set, 
  • Opal Giftbox pet w/ quest for Tier III Trophy house item
  • All Generosity Coin Merge Shop items
  • All rewards from Tiers I, II, and III
  • Frostval 2021 Gifting character page + Tier III Book of Lore badge

Tier 2: Top 1,000

  • GIANT Giftron bank pet                               
  • Emerald Giftbox pet w/ quest for Tier II Trophy house item
  • Giftron Giftpile house guards
  • All Generosity Coin Merge Shop items
  • All rewards from Tiers I and II
  • Frostval 2021 Gifting character page + Tier II Book of Lore badge

Tier 1: All donators

  • Timesplitter weapons                                   
  • Ruby Giftbox pet w/ quest for Tier I Trophy house item
  • Frostval 2021 Gifting character page + Tier I Book of Lore badge
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January 03, 2022

January 2022 Daily Gift Schedule

January Daily Login Gift Schedule

We know a lot of you have had unexpected schedule changes and challenges over the last two years. To help keep your spirits high as we enter the new year, we're making sure that when you log into AdventureQuest Worlds, you have even more to do. More rewards to hunt for, quests to complete, and battles to win. 

That's why we've added daily login gifts. Log in each day for a new item, boost, buff, or surprise. Follow AQWorldsGame on Twitter for more details and to see the newest daily gifts available for you at!

Rare drops released between:

  • December 1 - 31 leave January 31st

Previous Daily Gifts

Want to see some of the previous daily gifts? 

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December 31, 2021

January Seasonal Set: ArchFiend OverLord

Available every year from January 1st - 31st

January is a month of new beginnings and birthdays in AQWorlds! To help ALL our heroes celebrate the new year and Nulgath's birthday, this month's seasonal set features the ArchFiend OverLord. 

January Set: ArchFiend OverLord

Starting now, unlock the ArchFiend OverLord armor and all its accessories!

There are two ways to get the gear:

1) Total package: Buy the entire set directly through the website for $9.99 USD 

2) Individually: Buy each of the individual pieces from Garek the Traveling Gear Merchant in Battleon.

The total cost to buy all of the gear individually is 5,400 ACs, so getting all the gear from the Northern Wanderers pack is a pretty sweet deal (you save 3,400 ACs).

The set includes:

  • ArchFiend OverLord Armor
  • 5 helms 
  • 7 capes
  • 7 weapons
  • character page badge

Seasonal Set Details

Each month, we'll feature a new set, available only during that month every year. 

Seasonal Sets
January: ArchFiend OverLord
February: Obsidian Samurai
March: Legion Warseeker
April: Bio-War Cultist
May: Lord of the J-Sixth + Lightning Lich Lord
June: ShadowZard Mount + Rider
July: Flameborn + Underworld Summoner
August: Urban Assassins
September: Celestial Naval Commander
October: ChronoStriker
November: Harvest Hunters
December: Northern Wanderer

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as the monthly upgrade bonus? 

Monthly upgrade bonus gear is an extra reward for buying AdventureCoin or Membership packages. Seasonal set packs are bought separately. Just like the Flame Dragon Warrior pack, you can buy the entire set directly, for one price, on our site. You can ALSO buy the individual pieces in-game.

This set will return EVERY January, so if you can't get it now, you'll have another chance in 2019, or 2020, or 2021, etc.

What if I just want ONE of the items?

You're in luck! Talk to Garek in Battleon. He'll be selling the individual pieces of the set through January 31st.

Where do I get my gear if I buy the full set through the website?

You'll find it in your Book of Lore.

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December 31, 2021

SnowStalker Treasure Chest Set

Now Available in Twilly's Treasure Chest!

Twilly's feeling a bit chilly this New Year's Eve, so he's stocked his Treasure Chests with a new set to keep you warm all winter long: the SnowStalker set! Farm for Treasure Chests as you fight through the game, then open them with his Treasure Chest Keys for a chance to get the gear inside. 

If you have found a Treasure Chest on a monster, you will need a Magic Treasure Chest Key to open it! If you need a key, Twilly is selling some for 200 ACs. If you have everything you need, just click Open My Chest, complete the quest and see what you got!

Open a Treasure Chest for a chance to get 1 of...

  • 50+ armors
  • 70+ weapons
  • 90+ helms
  • 15+ capes
  • or 3 house items (including the Altar of Caladbolg)
  • Plus the pieces of the new SnowStalker armor set 

Member Perk: Upgrade your account with any membership to get 2 free Treasure Chest Keys a month! Complete Twiilly's quest on or after the 1st of every month to get your free keys, but don't forget to come back or you'll miss out!

Treasure Chests?

There is a small chance to get a mysterious Treasure Chest as a reward drop when you battle ANY monster in-game. Have you found one yet?

Treasure chests are a fun - but completely optional - way to get exclusive items in AdventureQuest Worlds. The chests have a less than 1% chance of dropping from ANY monster in the entire game. Each one contains one of over 215 epic items that you can't get anywhere else (and the number will keep growing)!

  • All of the items are 0 AC so you can store them for free 
  • All of the items are non-member so you can use them forever

There's just one problem. You can't open the Treasure Chests without a Magic Key. The good news is that Twilly (the little red Moglin in Battleon) has a few extras and will happily sell you one for 200 ACs and open your chest for you.

Monthly Membership Perk Arrives Wednesday, December 1st

Members, log in and talk to Twilly this Sunday to claim your two FREE treasure chest keys! Collect treasure chests as you battle through Lore, then use the keys to open them for new free items. 

Want to get in on this?

Upgrade your AdventureQuest Worlds character with any membership package to unlock two free Treasure Chest Keys for each month the membership is active.

* We will begin updating the treasure chest rewards again on a regular basis, so if you've already collected all the gear... get ready to unlock more in the near future!

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December 31, 2021

2021 is... (almost) OVER!

A New Year... and Artix Entertainment's 20th Anniversary!

It is December 29th, 2021. The Eternal Dragon of Time shifted the clock forward, and we're beginning our New Year's Eve celebration TONIGHT at! Log in and /join newyear to play through our seasonal New Year's maps, battle event bosses, and collect rewards. Then join us this Friday as we add in even more reward drops and 2022 event rares.

Starting tonight, you'll also be able to re-play through all our previous New Year's events in...

  • newyears
  • newyearlab
  • darksun
  • frostmane
  • grimattack
  • cathedral
  • everfrost
  • chronophoenix
  • timeritual

New Year's Rare Gear

And don't miss the New Year's 2022 Rares gear! Find the Temporal Aurora and ChronoReaper sets, plus the Auld 2022 Syne weapons in your Game Menu starting tonight. 

Also, introducing our new item equip type: Ground Runes! 

The purple TimeReaper Ground Rune is a permanently available, super-low drop rate 0 AC reward from Eternal Drakath. The ChronoReaper Ground Rune is a New Year's 2022 event rare AC item, available in today's Featured Gear Shop update.

Plus, Tinsel's Giftboxes have opened to reveal the NulyClaws set...

and the Temporal Agent is now available in the HeroPoints Merge Shop! /join HeroMart and talk to Stryche to find out more about how you can unlock each of the items.*

And the SnowStalker Set is now available in Twilly's Treasure Chest!

* Several of Theves' hair helms will release next month as daily login gifts

Multi-Dimensional Drakath Battle

In just a few days, we'll celebrate a new year. October 2022 is Artix Entertainment's 20th anniversary. All year long, we'll feature content inspired by some of our game universe's most memorable events and items. Tonight: battle Drakaths from AQ, DF, AQWorlds... and Drakath the Eternal!

If you're impatient for 2020 to get here (like I am) take out your rage on the 2021 Ball monster as you wait for it to drop and ring in 2022. And while you wait... It's TIME to REAP the rewards of the first part of our New Year's release! /join eternalchaos and battle the monsters there to collect Reality Shards to create rewards. 

We hope you're having a fantastic holiday with your family and friends! Thank you for battling alongside us throughout 2021,and for supporting us with through purchasing Memberships and AdventureCoins! We've got plans for an amazing, crazy, and AWESOME 2022, and I can't wait to battle alongside you all as we build it together!

2020: Chronocide (Killing Time...)

Battle your way through the first adventure of 2021 as you race to stop the rogue Chronomancer, Au'eir, from releasing the Chronocide and destroying time itself!

2019: The Chrono Phoenix Rises

The Chrono-Phoenix is a part-organic, part-mechanical creature created to track the cyclical death and re-birth of the year. But its gears are going haywire, and if you don't help Lucca the Chronomancer fix it, 2020 might NEVER arrive!


2018: A Chilling Tale

A new year dawns for the Yetis of EverFrost Valley, and a new generation of their warriors is ready to undergo an ancient rite to welcome the new year. You are the first human ever invited to join in the ritual slaying of the ice spirit Chillbite, Guardian of the Valley. On December 29th, celebrate the new year with your new tribe… if you survive!

2017: Archive of Time

Corruption will result in alteration of existing persons, places, and things in Lore. Correction required before countdown expires or changes will become per-pe- *static* SIGNAL LOST.

2016: Future of Fear

2016 is starting off with a bang.. and blasts… and an attack on Northpointe by the Queen of Monsters’ new Captain, Goregrim! The forces of Good, Evil, and Chaos will need to come together, or Northpointe WILL fall!

2015: A Monstrous Future

With the defeat of the Chanpion of Chaos last summer, the Queen of Monsters has been released from her prison... and she is ready to show our world how little we REALLY know about the nature of monsters! Tonight's release continues the Rise of the WorldBreaker trilogy in the /Northstar map.

Tonight: Battle to reach Karok the Fallen, but FIRST you'll need to face don a mysterious new monster... one HE did not create, but who has been commanded to follow him. Coming FRIDAY, you'll be able to face Karok the Fallen himself! (And have a VERY small chance to get the DarkIce version of his mage armor!)

If we don't want Karok's horde of monsters to join forces with the QUEEN of monsters, it's time to bare our blades and BATTLE ON... or the future will be MONSTROUS!

Old and New Gear for the New Year!

Talk to Quibble Coinbiter in Battleon to get The Fallen Mage Armor with a 15% Class Points bonus! You can also talk to Lim in the NewYear map to access all the returning seasonal rares PLUS find the 2015 New Year's Ball house item in the New Year house shop!

2014: Year of the Horse!

For the 2014 New Year's release, we wanted to take some inspiration from the Chinese zodiac. 2014 is the year of the horse, so naturally this is what we've come up with...


In Norse mythology, Hrimfaxi and Skinfaxi are the steeds of Night and Day, carrying the chariots of the sun and moon across the sky. Their equivalents in Lore are Frostmane and Embermane, and Ulfgar (remember him?) is worried that something is wrong with them. Embermane, the Steed of Day, has gone missing and her brother Frostmane is keeping the land in perpetual darkness. It's up to you to find her so she can bring back the sun - and bring in the new year.

So then, who's that nightmare steed, you ask? Is he what's keeping Embermane from returning to the sky? /Join frostmane to find out!

2013: A New Dawn for a New Year!

Save the sun, Hero, or tomorrow will never come! When a Werepyre petitions the Nocturan Creed, guardians of the night, to ensure he will never be harmed by the light again, you will need to work with the Lumina Votari to protect the sun and save the world! Journey across Lore to ensure that a new dawn - and a New Year - will begin!

2012: Time for Chaos

2012 was the Year of Chaos, and we started the year off with a BANG! Literally! But tonight, you'll go BACK in time to meet Professor Iadoa (Professor Yana, anyone?), a famous Chronomancer who has been missing for decades. He should have stayed gone, though, because now that he's back... it's time for Chaos!

The New Year's ball frozen in place. All clocks have stopped.

2011: The Chaos Continued

Lim has returned to the frozen north to help is close out 2010 with a BANG! Literally.

Well, that's what he INTENDED but once again he can't get his science all in one bucket and he needs your help to stop the ever hungry Icemaster Yeti from munching on this gizmos and doo-dads.

We hope you guys have all had a great holiday. We all took a little time out of insane production schedule to spend some time with our friends and travel hoe to see family, but we are SO READY to get moving on all our plans for 2015! 


*Honorable Hero 2021 character page badge arrive next week, as Captain Rhubarb is taking a much-deserved vacation this week.

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December 29, 2021

January Event Calendar

Upcoming Game Events: January 2022

January is a month of new beginnings and birthdays in AQWorlds! To help ALL our heroes celebrate the new year and our many team birthdays, we’ve got a host of new events, new rewards, and new daily login gifts! 

December 29 New Year's Eve maps return + 2022 Boss Fight (Wednesday release)

December 31 New Year's Eve 2022 Drops + Rare gear

January 1 January ArchFiend Overlord Seasonal Set

January 3 Frostval AdventureCoin Gifting Event ends

January 7 Crulon + Hikari's birthday reward gear, Nulgath's Blessed/Cursed Paladin upgrade pack

January 10 50% Holiday AdventureCoin Bonus ends

January 14 Nation LoreMaster quest, Class balancing + Reward Gear

January 21 Nulgath's Birthday 2022: Master of the Underword, Part 1

January 28 Nation boss battle and rewards + PVP focus (bug fixes, new gear)

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December 28, 2021

HeroMart Shipping Update

HeroMart holiday skeleton crew + shipping/processing updates

Would it be ok with you if we played things super-safe? is down to a skeleton crew while team members are celebrating the holidays. Well, the skeletons called in sick. To be super safe, are we going to hold off shipping until next Tuesday (1/4/2022) when Stryche flies back in. We really appreciate your understanding and patience while we safely prepare your HeroMart orders for you.

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