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November 19, 2020

Tomorrow: StarCaptain Class Updates

Verification Class Updates

Our verification classes -- Guardian, DragonLord, Star Captain, and Defender -- are unlocked by AQWorlds heroes who have also upgraded in one of our 2D, single-player games. They've been asking for years for their exclusive classes to get updates... and now the time has come!

  • Guardian Class: available to verified AdventureQuest Guardians
  • DragonLord Class: available to verified DragonFable DragonLords
  • Star Captain Class: available to verified MechQuest Star Captains
  • Defender Class: available to all of the above

Each week in November, we'll release another verification class update. Earlier this month, we updated the AdventureQuest Guardian and DragonFable DragonLord Classes! Get all the details on those class updates here and here. THIS week, we've got... the Star Captain Class update! Read on for update details: what is changing, how to get your own, and the new balance details.

Star Captain Class Overview

Welcome to the Starlord rework! Renamed to Star Captain, the class now aims to honor the tradition of choosing a GEARS University House while excelling at what Mecha Pilots are best at, one on one combat. The first three skills behave similarly, but change the focus of the class depending on which you used first, and the final skill is an all out attack that can only be activated once you’ve used the first three skills enough times.

Before there was AQWorlds, there was... MechQuest

GEARS University, the most acclaimed Mecha Pilot institution in the Solaris System. Here you will learn a wide variety of skills required to become a fully licensed Mecha Pilot, including but not limited to, Energy Blade Training, Mecha Combat, Home Economics, and Insect Extermination. And let’s not forget about our annual GEARS Games, where you face off against other Pilots to earn points for a House of your choosing. We welcome all aspiring Mecha Pilots to GEARS University and we look forward to seeing you soon, but only if you survive the entrance exam that is, enroll at!

Read more about the class update here.

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