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January 10, 2012

Friday the 13th Sneak Peek

Robots, Explosions and... Unicorns?!

FIRE in the hole*! Flaming unicorns, exploding volcanos, fire elementals, fire spirits... this is going to be one HOT Friday the 13th! Forget sunscreen -when a GIANT MECHANICAL ROBOT** attacks a town on the other side of Mount Etherstorm***, you're going to want an asbestos suit to protect you from the heat!

And it just wouldn't be Friday the 13th without one of AQWorlds' favorite musical guests and his sidekick, Voltaire and Deady! Voltaire's idea on how to deal with this mechanized menace - not to mention his flaming top-hat - are really going to get you fired up this weekend! And did I mention the UNICORN****? I did? Good.

Trot it like it's hot.

We'll be introducing a host of new NPCs, including King (so royal he does not permit his subjects to use his name) and Lieutenant (who wishes to mock King Aldebaran so much he goes only by his rank).

Pictured: NPC too cool for names.

They'll be integral parts in understanding just what made this missile-shooting mecha miss go mad! If you can't stop her, not only the town below Mount Etherstorm will be threatened! With some epicly steam(punk)y rewards in the AC Event Rares shop and as drops, including the Flaming Voltaire Top-hat and the Baby Flaming Black Unicorn pet, this is one event you won't want to miss!

And be sure to turn the music UP, UP, UP because 3 of Voltaire's most incredible songs - including "Riding a Black Unicorn Down the Side of an Erupting Volcano While Drinking from a Chalice Filled with the Laughter of Small Children" - will rock you through this release!

* Also, the whole zone!
** Yes, mechanical robot. Stressing the "mechanical" nature. Today's robots are full of computer chips and almost-magical techno-wizardry.This one is not.
*** While this event will take part on the other side of Mount Etherstorm, it will not be a part of the Etherstorm/Desoloth storyline.
**** NOT talking about the fluffy pink variety, either. No sir.

Progress On Darkside Class

You may have read this already in Cysero's Design Notes yesterday, but Vader Darkside won round 2 of I CAN HAS MOD and wished for a non-member farming class.

We're calling it the Darkside class! Cysero promised you guys that he would post pics as soon as he had some and here they are.

As Vader Darkside wished, this class will focus on attacking many enemies at once to help people who like to grind and farm for rep or special farming rewards in the Dage and Nulgath areas.

Here is a closer look at the armor.

Dage also made a really nice helm for the armor but Cysero's Golden Cheezburger is only one item so it can only turn into one item, and that is the class. Dage is considering adding the hood to his own Legion Shop later.

Vader Darkside also wished that the class be a PET class. All pet classes have the ability to summon their own custom Battle Pet or Members can equip other battle Pets that they can buy around the game. The Darkside class will be able to summon the Hate Wolf.

This Arcane canine is not only the Darkside's constant companion, it is also the focus for his or her magic, allowing their rage and malice to flow through their pet to achieve maximum magical devestation.

A few appear to be confused on some of the finer points of the class so we'll clear them up now.

  • Vader Darkside wished for Cysero's Golden Cheezburger to turn into a pet based class that anyone can use. When he said "anyone can use" he meant a non-member class. He did not mean that anyone would be able to obtain the class. That's why he specifically wished that the Cheezburger turn into the class.

  • A lot of people are saying that they "lost" the Golden Cheezburger item. We've checked many of the accounts claiming this and found that none of them ever had it in our records. Some of you might have deleted it accidentally, some of you may have forgotten that you deleted it, and some of you are trying to acquire the class unethically. We're sorry if this actually did happen to you (anything is possible) but no Golden Cheezburgers will be given out.

  • The class will also not be sold for ACs. This was all part of the contest wish and the item itself even tells you to hang onto it. If you missed out this time, hopefully you won't next time.

  • As Cysero mentioned, we will TRY to get the class out by Friday. This timeframe is not a promise but we DO promise to try our best to get it out BY FRIDAY.

  • Once the class has been tested and balanced so that no further changes need to be made we will post a skills breakdown here on the Design Notes like we would with any other class. 

Congrats again to Vader Darkside, and well done on this very selfless wish! The ICHM (I CAN HAS MOD) contest will begin sometime after the Darkside Class has been released and the next Golden Cheezburger will once again be availible from Cleric Joy's shop in Battleon.

Remember that Members and non-members can wish this contest but you can increase your chances by being a member or completing whatever AExtras are availible and offered in your region of the world.

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