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March 12, 2014

SleuthHound Strikes Back

Wayback Wednesday: Revisit Sleuthhound Inn!

Jinkies! SleuthHound Inn is still operating?

Welcome to the coolest hotel around, /join SleuthHound in east Greenguard on your map is where all the best and brightest go for some R&R. So sit back, relax, and get ready to solve the mystery of a lifetime. Your lifetime that is, because without solving the mystery, SleuthHound staff can’t guarantee you check out in one piece!

Hi! Meet me. ACW0! I'm the goto detective for you! Not just a Tacomancer of the Quality Assurance team anymore, I'm a newish volunteer writer, too. And my first big assignment is to be YOUR guide to Lore's older hotspots. (I should really get a Design Notes avatar that ISN'T Alina...)

Some of you may be old hats at these maps, but for the newer players that could have missed them, I'm here to bring the spotlight back. The first stop on memory lane is the infamous SleuthHound Inn. Ready to dive right inn?

In Need of a Super Sleuth

Whether you’re a first time guest or stayed often enough for a frequent traveler’s card, each stay at Sleuthhound is never quite the same.

Owned and operated by Curry, currently checked in at SleuthHound are:

  • Angela Whiteberry (chef & author) 
  • Agatha Peacock (peacock enthusiast) 
  • Alfred Hitchgreen (big chicken) 
  • Edgar Allen Plume (Porcelain Pony ponderer) 
  • Scarlet Drew (rose by another name) 
  • and Sir Arthur Mustard (a saucy war vet). 

Now that you know the guest list, it’s about time to find your room and turn in for the night. When suddenly…


Lightning strikes. Who’s that screaming! What’s that noise?

It’s about this time that, like in any vacation the hero partakes, it’s realized relaxation is out of the question. Down at the concierges, Curry informs you that the hotel furniture has been possessed and he needs your help to find the culprit.

Who Dun It?

Pull out your ever so stylish detective's hat, hero, it’s time to get questioning.

  • WHO would do such a thing?
  • HOW did they possess the furniture?
  • WHERE was the awful deed done?

No staff, guest, or frying pan (I’m looking at you chef Whiteberry) is safe from sause-picion. Be sure to check the entire house: hallways, patios, and bathrooms included.Talking to each guest and staff member should get the gears turning towards the true perpetrator. Don’t be afraid to take notes or revisit ncps to aid in your search.

The solution is... MYSTERIOUS!

Sleuth with caution hero, because the storyline of SleuthHound Inn is rarely the same thing twice. No wiki or guide is available to cheat from for this mystery, as with each visit, the story of SleuthHound begins anew.

What Next?

After you’ve formed an idea of the culprit, their weapon, and where this catastrophe took place, it’s time to bring your findings to Curry. Curry’s been forming ideas too and is pretty confident with his results. However, he wants to make sure you both see eye to eye.

When you tell ideas to Curry, make sure to pay close attention to how he responds. The more assured he sounds, the better chance you have the right idea! Don’t get discouraged if he doubts your answer, that just means it’s time to reexamine some evidence, descriptions, and alibis. A conclusion you can both agree on is just around the corner!

After you’re happy with your conclusion and Curry seems to agree with your findings, it’s time to click the solve button and catch that culprit!

Be warned, the real culprit is not always who it seems…

Spoils of the Search!

When the mystery is solved and the culprit unmasked, there’s no way you’re leaving that inn without confiscating some new gear for "evidence!" Feel free to help yourself to the garb of the person you convicted, now that they won’t be needing it… right?

Ready for Next Week?

How’d you guys like AQW’s first Throwback Thursday*? If you would like this to become a weekly post or have ideas for the next throwback, feel free to tweet me @ACWOAE or comment on the forums. It's your ideas and input that help us create the best content AQW can!

* I threw this first one back SO HARD it got posted on Wednesday!

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