Design Notes

September 06, 2013

Siege the Day

Arm the Townspeople and DEFEND SWORDHAVEN!

Hurry to Swordhaven tonight to take on Chaos and save Swordhaven! Someone is making sure that NO ONE in King Alteon's fair city can ignore the peril they are in. As Chaorrupted creatures begin to invade, you are needed to defend the city and locate the source of the Chaorruption!

Chaos Drifters burrow underground, leaving trails of Chaorruption.

Talk to Griffin, the Royal Armsmaster, to begin distributing weapons to the citizens in the market. Then head to the Castle Gate and talk to Commander Rufus. Play our Castle Defense minigame to help stop the waves of monsters attacking the walls, then take on the Chaos General!

Quest for the resources to defend the castle!

As you watch tonight's cutscenes, you'll see King Alteon go from Phase I of his Chaorruption to Phase VI. As the Chaos floods through his system, moving steadily towards his heart, he must fight harder each day to survive! The question is: what will Swordhaven do if he doesn't... and what will YOU do if he does?!

Happy Birthday Aranx!

To one of our favorite artists, you may be Good, but we think you're GREAT! You know YOLO, and that's why we're making this birthday EXTRA-special! Happy birthday, and thanks for making such incredible gear for all our heroes to celebrate with you! 

Talk to Aranx in Battleon to find:

  • Fallen Amadis Armor
  • Descended Amadis Armor
  • 8 helms
  • 4 capes

This gear won't be here long, so get it before it's gone!

Wheel of Doom... Destiny... and Merge Shop!

The Wheel of Doom is a frightful place, but gives you the chance to get AWESOME gear! For those of you who prefer sunshine and colors to doom and gloom, we are working on Shiny's Wheel of Destiny! It will have exactly the same items and work in exactly the same way... but will lend a bit more color to your day than Swaggy's Wheel!

Doom or Destiny... YOU decide!

Doom Potion Merge Shop

EVERY time you spin the Wheel, you receive a 1 hour XP Boost AND a Doom Strength Draught,. You also have a chance to get a bonus item (an armor, weapon, pet, class, or more!), but you will ALWAYS get the Doom Draught and the XP Boost. 

Because some of you are racking up spins (Legends get a free spin every day!), you've got a LOT of Doom Draughts in your backpack. So next week, we want to release a Doom Potion merge shop, which would let you exchange all those Doom Draughts for other consumable items, exclusive Doom Merge gear, or resources you need for other quests/shops in-game!

We are still finalizing the details of this plan, so let us know your thoughts!

Back to School XP Boost All Weekend!

Log in all weekend long to get 10% MORE XP from every battle and quest in AQWorlds! Upgrade to access the Legend-only servers and get 15% more XP!

Boost On!

Our Friday the 13th / Talk Like a Pirate Day crossover event releases NEXT FRIDAY! More news on that in Monday's Design Notes!

Because we made an error in the Design Notes earlier this month, Quibble's shop will return until next Monday to let everyone have a last chance to get his gear. With the Talk Like a Pirate Day Quibble shop coming in on September 19th, we want to give the poor boy a bit of a break.

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