Design Notes

November 16, 2012

SkyGuard Saga Finale

Nightmares and Chaos!

Airship explosions, reality inversions, and Chaos! Members should hurry to /join ChaosGuard; fight your way through SkyLords into the heart of the Master's twisted Keep!

Take on Ultra Exos in a Challenge Battle!

Once inside, find your way through many mixed-up doors, evade the Spy Eyes, and discover the truth about why the DreamWeaver chose Stratos' brother! ... And what Drakath plans to do with him next!

SkyPirates go BOOM!

Suggest Shop Update at Yulgar's Inn!

Be sure to check out all of the epic gear we're adding to Yulgar's Suggestion Shop! Every item in these shops was suggested by your fellow players and created in-game by AQW's artists.

Hero Demon's Daemon Kin Plate

Congratulations to the following players for EPIC ideas:
Crimson Darkness - xHAKOx
Crimson Darkness Headgear - xHAKOx
1887 Lever Shotgun - Quinteii
Unholy Shadow Pride - Israil_
Durendal - devilmaycry
Dragons Incendia - Zoshi
The Fallen Emperor Cowl - Luis Henrique lh
The Fallen Emperor - Luis Henrique lh
Unholy Shadow Wrath - Israil_
Unholy Shadowburst - Israil_

Mieteor's Sinister Brute Armor and Helm!

Sinister Brute - Mieteor
Hood of the Sinister Brute - Mieteor
Wrath of Fire - Schillie
Pyromatic Katana - Xeltonick
Daggers of Virtue - Shaister1
Daemon Kin Plate - Hero Demon
Daemon Kin Horns - Hero Demon
Phantom Curse - Xeltonick
Phantom Count - Xeltonick
Golden Dragon Plate - rajab4
Golden Dragon Helmet - rajab4
Knight in Shining Armor - coolboypai
Helmet of the Shining Knight - coolboypai

NEW New Tutorial is ready for more testing!

If you'd like to help us out by testing the new fixes to our new Tutorial, please /join tutorial and give us your feedback on the forum!

The comments you give us will help make the beginning AQWorlds experience better for all of the new player who join the game each day. The more they understand how to play, the stronger and faster they'll be when the /party up with you to take down bosses!

Chunin Class Available in Battleon!

If you didn't have the chance to farm for the Chunin Class (released last month), you can still buy one from Itzachi in Battleon! Talk to our Class Dealer to purchase the Class for 2,000 ACs.

Check our Cysero's Design Notes to see what epic battle skills the Chunin Class possesses!

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