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August 10, 2012

Chaos on the Horizon

SkyGuard Returns with MORE Chaos!

Bombs away! Hunker down in a bunker, Members! This week calls for a /disguise if you’re going to figure out the Master’s latest scheme. Be careful, though; after the Master infiltrated the SkyGuard High Command in his last plot, his thirst for Chaos has only increased! From what your intel officers say, Chaos is in the air, and things are looking Beastly!

Wait... WHAT?! Chaos Beast?! DUN DUN DUN!

Your Suggestions, AQW Creations!

They're new... and from YOU! This weekend we've released more items in the Player Suggestion Shop with new weapons and pets all suggested by players just like you!

  • Paper Plane Pet (member-only) - Schillie
  • Drake Worm Pet (member-only) - resident_evil5
  • Undead Wolf Pet (member-only) - faolan6224
  • Boost Ram Blade (ACs) - Boost Ram
  • Color Custom Tiger's Tail (ACs) -  fGodz 4 gs
  • Blade of Maliciousness (non-member gold) - Malicious Neos
  • Edge Blade 3000 (non-member gold) - lilchris3000


We have removed the color-custom Barodragon Helm from Yulgar's Suggestion shop and refunded everyone who bought it their 85 AdventureCoins. If you bought it, the helm is no longer in your inventory and you have your ACs back.

PLEASE remember: We LOVE putting your suggestions into AQW, but they have to be YOUR ideas. Not something someone else created. That's illegal, and is called plagiarism.

Thank you to everyone who reported it! But I don't think the player suggested the helm maliciously. It's easy to see why he likes the helm's appearance; it's awesome art! Just too bad someone else made it first. We don't like it when our art is stolen, and we don't like using someone else's art without permission.

New War Items, Changes to War Announcements!

NEW news about war items!

  • Should the Nulgath Nation win the war, they will unlock the: Legacy of Nulgath Armor, Helm, and Cape! See this image for a partial preview.
  • The Key of Revontheus Blade was mistakenly released for gold when it should have been ACs. In the heat of the moment, we re-made it as Diamonds when it should have just been ACs. So NOW there is a non-color custom Diamond version of the Key of Revontheus AND the color-custom Key of Revontheus Blade!*
  • The shop unlocked by The Sword of the Legion will open in the ShadowFall map at some point in the future.
  • Please remember: NO tweets about items coming in the war are final until they appear in the Design Notes.
  • Both the Stranger's and Dilligas' merge shops will go rare when the rest of the war content does. We will re-announce this in Monday's Design Notes, as well. (Man, we have a LOT of shops in this war! Hard to keep track of them all!)**

* Errors happen and we fix them as fast as possible. Sometimes too fast. Hopefully you've got a version of the blade you can enjoy now!
** Thanks to Zukei for pointing out we didn't clarify this!

Now Available: 900 AC Package for $4.95 USD!

Head on over to our Upgrade Page to check out a NEW offer! The 900 AC package comes with the Platinum DragonAxe of Victory +15 for a limited time! (Does not buff in-game stats, but DOES make you 15x cooler in real life.)

Dage vs Nulgath Print at HeroMart!

Head to NOW to get your limited edition, hand-signed Dage vs Nulgath print! This deluxe, limited edition print is available RIGHT NOW! Measuring 17" x 11" inches, the print features Dage the Evil as he takes on Nulgath for control of the Underworld.

Designed by Dage the Evil and Diozz, there are two editions of the poster for sale: a standard print and LIMITED autographed version! Each print includes two sets of armors, helms, and weapons to /equip in AQWorlds!

Dage vs Nulgath Deluxe Print

Both Dage the Evil and Nulgath will sign 500 prints, and once they are sold out, they’ll be real-life rares! Frame your print and then log into AQWorlds to help your favorite Evil Commander send his rival down in flames!

Each print comes with the following in-game items:

Dage The Evil's Rewards:

  • Proto-Paragon Armor
  • Proto-Paragon Helm
  • Soul Kris Blade

Nulgath's Rewards:

  • Dreadfiend of Nulgath Armor
  • Dreadfiend Face of Nulgath Helm
  • Dreadfiend Blade of Nulgath


I've got family in town to do wedding things. The countdown ticks ever closer. I'm going to head home to take them out to enjoy this fine Florida night. Enjoy the release and all the epic gear!

71 days

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