Design Notes

March 25, 2014

New, Faster Servers! And Other Awesomeness.

The server hamsters have faster wheels now.

You may have noticed some changes in the server list! That's because Captain Rhubarb has replaced most of our old, slower servers with newer, faster machines. (In some cases we were even able to merge two servers into one, since the new ones can hold so many people!)

Hammies are enjoying their new turbo wheels.

Hopefully this will reduce lag and other issues, and in general make your time in Lore smoother and more enjoyable. If you notice any improvement, let us know! And if you experience any disconnects or other problems, please report it to the bug tracker at

We want to thank all of you for helping us make these improvements happen. We couldn't make important upgrades like this - or keep AQWorlds online - without your support!

Happy Birthday, Galanoth!

We've also got a birthday this week - Galanoth, the Head Dragonslayer of Lore! Head to /lair and talk to Galanoth to crack open his treasure chest of awesome DragonSlayer gear!

Time for some patented Dragonfire Spice Cake!

Birthday gear includes:

  • Prismatic Evolved Dragonslayer armor
  • Prismatic Dragonslayer Helm
  • Golden Dragon Blade
  • Emerald Dragon Blade
  • Legion Dragon Blade
  • Prismatic Dragon Piercer

Arachnomancer Class: coming soon!

Last week, you fought through hordes of Chaosweavers and Dreadspiders. This Friday, you'll battle your way through Ravenloss to confront the Weaver Queen herself. The only thing left to make your 8-legged adventuring experience complete is...

Those legs. Those eyes!

This class is set to release this Friday, but testing on it is going so well, we might even be able to release it early. Keep your fingers crossed - on all 8 arms!

MegaCon Blade: Available Now!

And for those of you who went to MegaCon this past weekend, your reward is now available in game! Just head to /museum and talk to Valencia to turn in your code and receive your Brutal Cam-PAIN Blade!

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