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October 10, 2018

10th Anniversary Artifact: Sepulchure's Helm

Arrives 10.12.2018

Sepulchure's Helm is one of the most iconic items in AdventureQuest Worlds. For the past 10 years, we've gotten requests from players on our forum, on social media, in-game, and via email, asking for a way to obtain this helm. This Friday, you'll get FOUR different ways to obtain it!

Because the helm is such a key part of one of the Artix Entertainment Universe's NPCs, and because so many players have wanted it for so long, we did not want to lock this behind a paywall or create an overly-complicated, long grind to get the item.*

Instead, we created a what we call a "Sane Completionist" end-game gift. Unlocking Sepulchure's Helm is a badge of honor; a way to show everyone that you've finished everything we consider "main story content."

  • Farm for the iconic Sepulchure's Helm
  • Unlock it for free if you have Sepulchure's DoomKnight Armor 
  • Unlock it for free if you bought the Sepulchure Action Figure from Heromart
  • Unlock it for free and get the color-custom variant if you bought the Sepulchure Armor T-Shirt from Heromart

If you've kept up to date with all the releases, or bought one of the HeroMart products listed above,** we want you to be able to log in and immediately unlock the helm once it's live.

Requirements to unlock the helm:

  • Level 70+ 
  • Complete the 13 Lords of Chaos story
  • Complete the AQW: Zombies story 
  • Complete the Throne of Darkness story 
  • buy a 1 million gold item 

This Friday, find Gravelyn in Battleontown as we celebrate our 10th anniversary with the BattleOn Birthday Bash! Once the birthday event is over, the quest for Sepulchure's helm will move to ShadowFall.

*Sepulchure's DoomKnight armor and random RNG drops not required.

** Must have the in-game achievement in order to unlock the helm

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