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October 17, 2013

Mistakes: Only Make Them Once

Using Bots in AQW is Illegal

For many of our players, AQWorlds is the first online game they've ever played. A lot of them don't know what a "bot" or "trainer" is, and don't understand that using quest, shop, or badge loaders is wrong. It is, and you shouldn't do that. We explain what a bot is and why using it is bad in this Design Notes post

Do not tell a bot to play for you.

All done reading? Great! Then we all know that using a 3rd party program is against the rules, it can and will do some serious harm to your account, and that we've got a plan to improve our anti-botting procedures.*

Recently, some players have illegally given themselves the BrutalCorn badge from tomorrow's release. Because we have not yet been able to implement some of the ideas listed above, those players have received a 24 hour ban. 

* That's why, if you're currently using a bot, trainer, or any other 3rd party program, this is a GREAT time to stop!

Second Chances and Forgiveness

We all make mistakes; I have, and so has everyone I know. But that's part of life. Most people are able to move beyond them. They grow and change over time, and part of that growing is realizing when you're doing something dumb. Sometimes, though, people need a little help seeing that.

At Artix Entertainment, we believe that people are basically good and, given the chance, most will do what's right. Or, at the very least, stop doing what's wrong. We want you guys to enjoy AQW. Play right and play fair. Have a good time in the game, and don't keep others from doing the same.

We've gotten a lot of messages about NOT giving botters - or anyone who breaks ANY rules - a second chance. Permanent ban first time out. For anything. We could do that, but we would run out of players pretty quickly. We understand that you guys LOVE this game, and want to see people following the rules. We want that, too!

But we believe in second chances. If you assume someone is going to fail, they're much more likely to do just that. I would rather give someone a chance to succeed than prevent them from trying to become better. We've got a plan in place to do that; now we just need to build it!

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