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September 27, 2013

The Royal Wedding Begins

The Future of Swordhaven is Secure... Or is it?!

As King Alteon continues to fall deeper and deeper into Chaos, Princess Brittany and Lord Brentan are working feverishly to prepare for their wedding, but Chaos keeps interfering! They need YOU to help keep Chaos from ruining their wedding! ... And to keep King Alteon sane just a LITTLE longer!


/Join ceremony if you're all caught up on the Swordhaven Chaos saga! If you're not, /join archives and talk to Denara to begin it! Then get to the /ceremony as FAST as you can, because Chaos is NOT waiting around!

Official Royal Wedding Invitation!

You get yours here, but Roald, the Royal Herald, is going to need your help handing out invitations to the REST of the townspeople. Then head back to the Ceremony, because the King is starting to drive Lord Brentan crazy... literally?!

D'awww! Our princess has grown so much!

The FEELS! Oh, the Feels! Chaos Invasion!

It's a wedding on Lore. Of COURSE things are going to go wrong! And that thing that goes wrong is... you guessed it... CHAOS! Princess Brittany - like all princesses - wants to have the wedding day of her dreams. With your help, you can keep it from becoming a nightmare!

But no matter what you do to help, you NEVER walk away from a Royal Wedding empty-handed! If you're up to date on the storyline, you can access the Royal Rares shop right away! Find the Royal Eternal Flame, the Chaos Peacock pet, and more!

Return next Friday to unlock even MORE rare gear as we finish what Alteon started in tonight's release! Because the end of this section of the story is SO intense, Ghost wanted to give it extra-special attention. I had him end the release where it did so that he could put a full week's effort into making the end of the wedding as... purple... as a good Chaos should be!

What will Happen Next?!

I've seen a LOT of theories about how this wedding will end... and none of them has been 100% right yet! Let us know what YOU think will happen - or what your reactions to the release were - by posting on our forum, Facebook, or Tweeting directly to us: @Alina_AE and @ArtixKrieger!

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