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May 30, 2014

Defeat the Cryptbreaker

Take on the Dragon Clan with new animated gear!

As we prepare for the beginning of the 13th Lord of Chaos finale, Galanoth needs your help taking down the deadly dragons of the Razorclaw Clan! With the Summer of Chaos starting next week, this is the perfect time to train: rank up your favorite classes and save up gold to buy better enhancements. You're going to want to be stronger and faster than ever before, because once the full force of Chaos is unleashed... no one is safe!

 Let your shadows consume the dragon!

Starting tonight, talk to Galanoth in the Lair map (/join lair) to help the Order of DragonSlayers take down a dangerous new threat to the people of Greenguard: the Razorclaw dragon clan and their leader, the Cryptbreaker!

Complete the "Defeat the Dragon Thief" quest to stock up the merge items you'll need to get the Viridian Dragonbreaker gear from the Razorclaw Merge Shop! Then return each day to complete the 2 daily quests for extra gold and XP! (One Legend-only daily, one daily for all players)

Animated Item Beta Testing Starts Tonight!

In the past, animations have always been tied to the Class you had equipped. After tonight, that won't be true anymore! We need everyone's help to test our new animated item system (and how often we want the animations to appear), so later tonight, talk to Yara in Battleon to get your testing gear!

Meteor PUNCH!

Who will see the animations?

Earlier this week, we said that the animations would only appear to the item owner. But it looks like we should be able to make the animations appear to EVERYONE!

  1. That is really cool.
  2. We are going to need a way for people to turn off item animations if they do not want to see them.
  3. We are going to need your help adjusting how often the animations appear. (Right now, they are going to go off a little more often than a rank 10 passive, but we will change that if needed)

When you go around using the animated items, please keep track of:

  • how many times in an hour you see the animation from YOUR weapon 
  • how many times in an hour you see animations from OTHER players' gear

Note: The final rate for the animation will be less than in the preview.

Animated Special Item Details

Each of the items below has a SMALL chance for an animation to go off if you use a skill. We need your help to balance out just how often the animations should appear. Please let us know your feedback on Twitter, Facebook, and the forum!

Each item ALSO has an extra special; some make you do more damage against human, chaos, or elemental enemies. The Gilded Pigasus pet lets you do more damage against ALL enemies!

Find the following AC gear in tonight's shop:

  • Lavamancer Blaster armor (Meteor Shower)
  • Inferno Shower Daggers (Meteor Shower)
  • Flowing Lava Locks (Meteor Shower)
  • Molten Headgear (Meteor Shower)
  • Mighty Molten Mace (Meteor Shower)
  • Pyroclastic Cloud Cape (Smokebomb)
  • Sepulchure's Undead Blade (Shadowblast)*
  • OMGZilla pet (Noxious Breath)*
  • Grimblight of Destiny (Shadowblast)*
  • Falconlord Helm (Whirlwind)*

Legends can access the X-Zilla gear in tonight's shop:

  • X-Zilla armor (Noxious Breath)
  • Kaiju Morph Helm (Noxious Breath)
  • X-Treme X-Zilla Tail (Whirlwind)
  • Kaiju's Crusher Blade (Ice Comet)
  • OMZilla Battle Pet (Noxious Breath)*
  • Gilded Pigasus Pet (Pigs Fly)

ALL players can complete the Re-animation Quest to unlock these items:

  • Malcoda Necroment polearm (Shadowburst)
  • The Flatulator Mace (Noxious Gas)**
  • El Gasso Mace (Noxious Breath)

* If you already own these items, they will automatically have the animations when tonight's release goes live. You do not need to buy them again! In the future, more already-released gear will receive animations, too!

** For fun, Yorumi reversed the direction of the OMGZilla's Noxious Breath attack and, well... as a team, we have the sense of humor of a ten year old boy. We love us some fart jokes! 

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