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March 22, 2014

Wrath of a Dark Queen Part 1

Take on the ChaosWeaver Army this Weekend!

ChaosWeavers - deadly, spider-like beasts from below the surface - are flooding into the towns and cities of Lore with only one goal: to prepare the world for the arrival of their Queen! Pierce the web of deceit being spun around you before everyone you know falls to the warriors of Ravenloss!

Crush the ChaosWeavers!

The Weaver Queen has called her ChaosWeavers - deadly, spider-like beasts from below the surface - to WAR... and YOU need to save the day! We've been battling her bugs ALL DAY LONG, which is why tonight's release was later than usual! But that's ok, because we knew that you guys had our back.

Got Soul? We know you do!

Head into the deepest shadows and face your fears when you /join twilightedge this weekend. Battle the ChaosWeavers and their minions across Lore until you gather enough clues to locate Tomix, the SoulWeaver who has the Key to control the Portal to Ravenloss.

Once you can stop the ChaosWeavers from flooding IN, you can go down there and take them ALL out! In fact, that's what the Queen of the ChaosWeavers is counting on!

The Queen is waiting... for YOU!

Once you've rescued Tomix, you'll unlock a repeatable farming quest to help you rank up your Ravenloss rep. Make sure to take advantage of the Double REP Boost weekend, because next Friday, the Arachnomancer Class arrives!

And if you've upgrade your account, check out the new quests and DreadSpider art in the Legend-only Twilight map!

Arachnomancer Class NEXT Friday!

Ravenloss is crawling with spiders and spider-type creatures, so it is the PERFECT place to train up your Arachnomancer Class! The Class releases NEXT FRIDAY, and there are several ways you can get it.

  • Rank up your Ravenloss rep
  • Get it 2X faster by completing the Legend-only quests from Riadne
  • Get it right away when you purchase it for 2000 ACsĀ 

Dage is creating the Class art now... expect previews later this week!

Quibble Coinbiter is here!

Don't miss one of the darkest Quibble shops yet! Full of rare gear, helms to fear, and armors that will make you /cheer... these are items that won't be here long, so make sure you check them out while you can! Find previews of item art in yesterday's Design Notes.

SoulBinder and Purified SoulBinder

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