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April 26, 2013

Quibble Coinbiter Returns

New Rare Sets & Challenge Fights!

This week, Quibble Coinbiter has returned with an all new set of never-before-seen, slightly-used items from the future! In this case, he's selling items from the Mirror Realm where Dage the Evil is Dage the Good, Paladins are Painadins and the Doomknigts serve the light! 

Dage the Good set!

Imperial Lightscythe Set! (Based on Mirror Gravelyn)

Doomlight Highlord and Dark Painadin Overlord!

Omega (NOT Alpha) Pirate set!


Cysero Weaponbreaker Set!

Blood Titan and DoomKitten Challenge Fights!

This week we have a few new Challenge Fights for you! The Blood Titan is a massive monster who is waiting to stomp would-be-heroes into the ground. There are 2 versions of this monster for mid- and high-level players and the long awaited Doom Kitten fight for lower level players. Each monster has drops for Members and non-members alike!

Don't miss out of the all-new FUN! 

To battle the Blood Titan and Ultra Blood Titan, find Shi Mar in Greenguard East, on the edge of Darkovia! To take on the DoomKitten, speak with to Kottur in Warlic's Magic Shop! 

Blood Titan and DoomKitten attendants!

The Ultra and Blood Titan monsters drop:

  • Blood Titan Token
    (Drops in stacks of 1,3, or 5! Members can merge these into the Blood Titan Class once it's released*!)
  • Titan's Gilded Crusher Mace!
    Has a .01% drop rate and does extra damage against undead monsters!
  • Titan's Brawler Mace!
  • Titan's Blood Mace!
  • Titan Attendant Armor!

* The Class will also be available for 2k AdventureCoins if you have not upgraded your Hero.

The DoomKitten monster drops:

  • Prismastic DoomKitten Attendant!
  • DoomKitten Attendant Armor!
  • Maned Attendant Helm!
  • Tomcat Helm!
  • Queencat Helm!
  • DoomKitten Pet!
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