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August 16, 2012

Power Gems arrive Friday!

Ready to earn some awesome free items?

Did someone say FREE items? Oooh yes I did—and here is everything you need to know about Power Gems, what they do, how you get them, and the amazing free items you can get. Read on my friends!

Power Gem Preview

What are Power Gems?

A Power Gem is a time-sensitive special item that is awarded to you for checking the weekly AQW newsletter. Power Gems are stackable, meaning that each week you can get another Power Gem just by reading the AQW newsletter. Really, it's that simple! Furthermore, Power Gems are marked as an “AC Item,” so that means you can store them in your bank for free and forever (Inventory Bags rejoice!). When you have collected enough Power Gems, you can buy epic items from the Power Gem Shop that Twilly, the lovable red Moglin, is opening up in Battleon. The fun begins this Friday!

What are Power Gems used for?

Power Gems are the only currency accepted in Twilly’s Power Gem Shop, opening this Friday. The Power Gem Shop is loaded with FREE items that you are eager to equip and show off. Additionally, every item in the Power Gem shop is marked as an “AC Item,” so you can store it in your bank for free forever! There are currently 17 items—armors, helms, weapons, a cape, and a pet—that require Power Gems, and more items will be added to the Power Gem shop in the future. No one knows if these Power Gem items will go Rare, so make sure you get them all if you hope to be Lore’s greatest Power Gem hero! Or at least wanna look REALLY good ^___^

How do I get Power Gems?

Earning a Power Gem is as simple as reading the weekly AQW newsletter! A new section in the newsletter, cleverly titled “Power Gems,” includes a one-of-a-kind link that will give you 1 free Power Gem in AQWorlds. You can also follow the “Claim your free Power Gem now” link under the “Your Info” section of the newsletter. From here on out, a special Power Gem link will be included in every weekly newsletter, so as long as you have a Confirmed Email—your real email that you check everyday—you can get a free Power Gem every week. 

How do I know if I have a Confirmed Email?

If you’re receiving the weekly newsletters, then your email is confirmed! But if you’re still not sure, then follow these 3 simple steps to check:

  1. On the AQW homepage, scroll down until you see the “Account” section, and click on “Manage Account.”
    Manage Account
  2. On the Account Management page, enter your Username and Password, and then click Login.
  3. Here you will see your Account Info (or in this case, mine!), and the Email Status will determine if your email is confirmed or unconfirmed.
    confirmed email

How do I Confirm my Email?

If your email is not Confirmed, it’ll look something like this:

unconfirmed email

Easy fix! All you have to do to Confirm your Email is click the “Resend Email” button to have another confirmation email sent to your email address. When you click on the link provided in that email, you will have successfully Confirmed your Email! Gratz!

How do I Update my Email address?

If the Email on your account is not the email you check regularly, it’s time to update it so that you can start earning free Power Gems! After following the 3 steps above (Manage Account-->enter Username and Password-->Account Info), click on the “Change Email” link under the Account Management section on the left of the screen.

Change Email

After typing in your real email twice (and after checking for typos!), click Submit:

insert real email

Now, go check your email and look for a message from “AdventureQuest Worlds MMORPG” with the subject “=AQW= AdventureQuest Worlds Confirmation”. If you don’t see the email, check your Spam/Junk folder. We’re not Junk or Spam, we swears! So make sure you add these following addresses to your contacts so you can get your free Power Gem in the upcoming weekly newsletters: 

One last important thing…

Remember how I said waaaaay up there that Power Gems are time-sensitive special items? The Power Gem link in your newsletter is only valid for a limited time! This means you have to read the weekly AQW newsletter as soon as you get it to insure that you receive the Power Gem that’s rightfully yours. The Power Gem link in the weekly newsletter is only good for 21 days. If you forget to check your email for awhile, you'll need to click the Power Gem link in the oldest newsletter first. If you click the Power Gem link in a newer email, the older Power Gem links won't work. Also, if the newsletter is too old—over 3 weeks old—the Power Gem link won’t work either. You will have to wait until the next week’s newsletter comes out with a new Power Gem link. This is why it is super important to have a real Confirmed Email so that you don’t miss out on getting your free Power Gem! And, of course, all of the epic Power Gem items that can be obtained!

Still need more help confirming your email?

Check out the Help Pages for even more in-depth directions… and no more pink text =p

Remember: If you have multiple accounts on one confirmed email, all of those accounts will get the Power Gem when you click the link IF you've logged in on them in the last year. If you haven't, just log in, then back out, then in again! You will get the Gem automatically.

Here are some things to be aware of:

If you have a confirmed email but aren't receiving the newsletter:

The issue is most likely that your email provider blocked the individual message. (It might have been flagged as spam accidentally.) You can sign-up with new email and you'll start getting the newsletter again!

To make sure you DO get the newsletters, Captain Rhubarb is going to set up a "Send me a sample newsletter" link to make sure that you receive it. The next week, you'll get an actual newsletter with a Power Gem link!

If you get a message that the Game Database Server is unreachable:

You may be clicking an old link, or your email might not be confirmed. That just means the data you used was invalid. Make sure your email is confirmed and try again when the next newsletter reaches you.

If you get a newsletter which has code instead of a link:

Please post a screenshot on the forum showing that error. In the meantime, Megalops is going to look into what could be causing that.

I think that's everything! Look for the Power Gem link in this week's upcoming AQW newsletter to get your first Power Gem. The fun begins this Friday…and every Friday that follows! =D   

Follow me to the Account Manager to Confirm or Update your Email Address!

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