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November 19, 2012

Don't Get Hacked

You Are Being Lied To

Recently Nythera's Player Support Team has seen a HUGE influx of people contacting them trying to get their accounts back. According to the reports 80% of them come from people giving away their account passwords or e-mail passwords. That probably means that half of the rest of them have also given away their account info and are just to embarrassed to admit it.

We get new reports every day about fake sites that were set up to steal your accounts by promising you free items, memberships, ACs or Modships. We take down as many of them as we can but it can take weeks for an ISP to respond to our take-down notices and it only takes a few minutes to set up the site somewhere else.

We are doing everything that we can, so now the rest is in YOUR hands.

Here are a few things you need to know.

  • NEVER give out your AQW or Artix Master account info.
  • NEVER share your account with someone, not even your brother, sister, cousin or best friend. AQW accounts are FREE, they can make one of their own.
  • NEVER give out your e-mail password. Lots of people are giving strangers access to their e-mail accounts and wondering how they got hacked. Derp.
  • ALWAYS report someone in-game for linking a scam site or claiming to be a mod or dev in disguise.
  • AE staff will NEVER as for your passwords. We don't need them.
  • NEVER use programs like hacks, trainers or shop loaders. Anything that requires your password to use can steal your account and we've found SOME 3rd party hack programs that contained trojans which will record and send your account info or worse. Maybe even your parents credit card info.
  • ALWAYS use a GOOD password. NEVER use BAD passwords like "asdasd", "aaaaaaa", "12345", "11111", or your account name as the password.
  • AQW Staff do not give out free modships, memberships or ACs. If someone is promising you something like that... they are lying to you.
  • FAKES ARE EVERYWHERE. Every day people tell me that they spoke to me on Facebook and that I promised them something. I don't have a Facebook account, only a fanpage. most of us only have FB FanPages.

    If you don't know who is real, check the AQW STAFF LIST. If someone is claiming to be one of us on a different Twitter or other social media site they are lying to you. 

If you HAVE lost control of your account, Player Support will try their very best to get your account back for you, if you are unable to do so yourself but your first stop should ALWAYS be the AQW HELP PAGES.

Please remember that the neither the AQW Mods or we Developers are able to help you with account problems so if you ask for help on Twitter or in the game we will direct you to the people who CAN help.

31 days until Just Another Day

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