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April 06, 2018

Return to Oaklore + Undead War

Polishing the Blades, Battles, and Bosses in Oaklore Keep

A Hero never stops training, and we never stop working to improve what we’ve built. Log in this weekend to see the first round of new improvements designed to help new heroes get the most out of the Oaklore tutorial zone. New and experienced adventurers can battle hordes of skeletons as we bring back the original Undead War!

Oaklore: New Gear, New Polish

Many of the NPCs in Oaklore have had their dialogues and functionality adjusted. This is designed to help new and inexperienced heroes better navigate through the Keep. ALL heroes can (and should!) talk to Stryche inside the Keep. Complete his quest to get the pieces of the GreenGuard Knight set. New heroes never looked so good entering Battleon for the first time! 

Why Return to Early Zones?

In the last (close to) 10 years, we've introduced over 1,000 unique zones, 3,000+ monsters, and almost more gear than a hero can count. With your help, we've had an incredible amount of amazing adventures, and have built a game we are truly proud of. But just like a Hero never stops training, WE never stop working to improve what we’ve built. Join us this weekend, as we introduce changes designed to help new and experienced heroes enjoy the town of Battleon even more! 

Return of the Undead Invasion!

Like the Horc War that returned recently, this war was never meant to go perma-rare, so we are bringing it BACK for everyone to enjoy! /Join WarUndead and talk to Artix to begin battling the army of skeletons. If you're an experienced Hero, tackle the higher level liches for a chance to get runes to enhance the gear from Artix's quests!

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