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January 30, 2015

Oaklore Under Attack

Sepulchure's Army Invades the New Tutorial!

This Friday, battle to save Oaklore Keep from attacks by Sepulchure’s Undead Army in our new tutorial, then send us your feedback to help improve the opening of AQWorlds for new heroes! 

free mmo rpg undead assault tutorialIf you can't stand the heat... slay the dragon!

We've built and re-built the tutorial over the years, with the goal each time of making it better than the last for the new heroes joining AQWorlds. I can honestly say that the team and I feel this is the best, most instructive, most visually appealing tutorial we've EVER created!

free mmo rpg tutorial

We would be grateful if all you experienced heroes would /join oaklore this weekend and run through the tutorial, too, and let us know if there's anything you think we could explain better! 

  • Defend Oaklore Keep from Sepulchure's army
  • Go station to station and learn the skills you need to battle in AQWorlds
  • Break through the 4th wall to relive your favorite DF pranks
  • Members: defeat the Endless Maw to gain an exclusive Minootaur pet

free mmo rpg burning castle

Once you've completed the tutorial, post your comments and feedback on our Reddit or game forums!

Still to Come: SuperBowl and Ground Horc's Day!

Don't miss punting Twilly during the Half Time show this Sunday, February 1st! Unlock a character page badge and check out all the seasonal rare gear as the Seahorcs face off against the Loyalists! Who will YOU root for?

On Monday, it's Groundhorc's Day! If Phil sees his shadow, we'll have - oh. Wait. He CAN'T see it since General Porkon in the Horc Fort has kidnapped and imprisoned him! Save that groundhog, starting Monday, February 2nd!

Gear leaving dates:

  • The Za'nar Rares shop leaves this Friday, January 30th, at midnight
  • Nulgath's birthday gear leaves Monday, February 2nd, at midnight
  • Australia Day shop leaves February 2nd
  • The AC-only Exploding Kitten pet leaves February 27th
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