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January 16, 2015

Nulgath's Hanzo Birthday Gear

Nulgath the ArchFiend is levelling up in real life!

The Underworld and OverSoul are quaking with anticipation this week... because Nulgath the ArchFiend's birthday is almost here! Find Nulgath's Hanzo Void Evolution Birthday Shop in Battleon starting tomorrow night! 

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This week, you'll find the Midnight and Crimson Hanzo Void armor sets, PLUS the Midnight Makai Bank pet and the Crimson Makai Battle-pet... and the rare Nulgath's Metamorphsis helm!


Next week, we'll release MORE gear from the Hanzo Void series in the rares shop PLUS gear in Nulgath's tercessuinotlim zone! ALL of the rare Nulgath birthday items will leave February 2nd, except for the permanent Tercess gear.

Coming to Nulgath's Rares shop this Friday:

  • Midnight and Crimson Hanzo Void armors
  • Midnight and Crimson Hanzo Mask, Helm, and Horns
  • Midnight and Crimson Hanzo Void capes
  • Dual and single Mightnight and Crimson Katanas
  • Nulgath's Metamorphosis Helm
  • Midnight Makai Bank pet
  • Legend-only Crimson Makai Battlepet

My apologies for the delay in getting the Orb pets out to all of you! I was out Tuesday and Wednesday this week with some medical issues, and was not able to devote the necessary time to these pets. We all want the quests to be amazing, and delaying their release to next week will help make that true!

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