Design Notes

November 18, 2013

Say Goodbye to this Gear

These items are gone for good!

It's Monday, and that means a new week full of battles, gear, and OMG Chaos! To make room for all this awesome new content, though, we're removing some of our previously-released items and events.

Goodbye, Snow Leopard set!

BattleCon will stay in-game permanently, but the rare shops, Dragon Shinobi farming quests, and Ultra BrutalCorn battle leave! 

  • J6's Birthday shop leaves tonight
  • 5th Birthday Rares shop, any items in BattleCon tagged "rare," quests to farm for Dragon Shinobi, and Ultra BrutalCorn battle leaves tonight
    (You will still be able to buy the AC version of the Dragon Shinobi Class from Ragnar in Battleon) 
  • ALL of our Mogloween content leaves tonight
  • The Snow Leopard and Dark Snow Leopard leave the Wheel of Destiny tonight

Coming Soon (or already here) in AQW!

We have SO MUCH going on behind the scenes that a lot of it doesn't make it into our weekly Design Notes posts... but I know you guys LOVE news, so check out THESE sweet bullet points:

  • This Friday: travel into the Chaos Realm to hunt for Drakath, Champion of Chaos!
    You will need to complete ALL 12 of the Chaos Lord zones before you can begin unless you have an active account upgrade. (We recommend completing them all anyways!) 
  • Our previous years' Harvest Fest releases return on Thursday!
  • The Book of Lore has been updated! See which storylines you've completed and re-watch all the Chaos Saga cutscenes you've unlocked!

 Relive your epic adventures!

  • Next week: a NEW Chaos-themed PvP map - get ready to battle each other in the Chaos Realm!
  • Our Doctor Who 50th anniversary shop (and Quibble's timespan quests) will release this Friday!
  • Game testers have begun testing the first round of our anti-botting measures! Soon we'll need YOUR help, too!
  • We are investigating how to do some NEW functionality that we get asked for every day! More news later this week.
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