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November 10, 2014

November Dates to Remember

Feast Your Eyes on What's to Come!

Prepare to bare your blades, because we've got a TON of dark and deadly (and sometimes deliciously-dangerous) releases coming your way in November! We've got a deliciously-dangerous lineup for you this month!

The Hunt For the Dragons Begins this Month!

  • Tonight: Deep Terror Blade, Thalyssa's Hat, and the TLaPD pirate helms leave
  • Tomorrow: Talk to Valencia to hunt for the +5 BloodBinder Katana
  • 11/12: J6's birthday shop
  • 11/14: Mogloween hub and event rares leave!* 
  • 11/14: Extinction Games: Heroes Under Fire
  • 11/14: Draconic DoomKnight AC set (based on the Macabre Sepulchure monster)
  • 11/17: 6th birthday event rares leave
  • 11/19: In-game Mod Hide-and Seek (with rewards!)
  • 11/21: Dragon's Dawn: Search for the Ancestors dungeon crawl
  • 11/21: Dragon's Dawn Limited Quantity Shop (with an all-new dragon-themed house or two!)
  • 11/26: Dark Harvest: A Feast of Souls
  • 11/27 -12/1: 2X Boost Weekend
  • 11/29: Black (and Blue) Friday Shop and Black Friday Prize Rush
  • 12/1: Cyber Monday Shop

The Lycan Class will be permanently available, and is not leaving on Friday.

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