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August 21, 2020

Return to the Nightmare Realm

Explore the Library of Dreams this Weekend!

Log in this weekend and journey to the city of Somnia, deep inside the Land of Dreams and Nightmares. While Dreamweavers study in the fabled Library of Dreams, the warriors of the Mindbreaker Guard faction defend their home with deadly psionic powers. Meet the residents, complete quests to gain reputation and unlock more gear, and discover lore only available in the library’s scrolls.

This weekend, /join somnia to begin your adventure. Meet...

Gevan the MindBreaker Learn about the city + access the MindBreaker WyvernRider Shop. 
BONUS: If you have the MindBreaker Class, complete his quest to unlock the exclusive MindBreaker Psion set.

Jana the DreamMaster The city's librarian. She'll defend its scrolls with her life but would rather YOU risk yours. She's got tomes to shelve. Complete her quests for scrolls, then return to the library to read them. Plus, check out the Somnian House Item Shop.

Dezi the DreamWeaver She is not really here. You're witnessing her powers of projection. As a DreamWeaver, she can make you see many -- any -- things. (And if you played through the SkyGuard Saga, she'll have some extra dialogue for you.)

Tagran the Somnic Armorer The armors he sells will protect you while you adventure through the Land of Dreams and Nightmares. You'll need to rank up your Somnia rep in order to use all of it, though.

Myza the Dream Creature Specialist A Dravix from Etherstorm, he was captivated by all of the interesting beasts people dream about. He'll sell you some of the tamer pets... if you dare.

Vanda the Psionic Weaponsmith If it's high-quality, handcrafted psionic weapons you want, she's got stock for  all skill levels. Just... don't stare too closely at HER hand.

Fiere the Dreamy HairStylist You want that special someone dreaming about YOU each night? Then he's the stylist you need, and his shop is the place to go.

Memet the Nightmare Moglin Is she really a nightmare? Or more of a fever dream? Sometimes not even she can tell. You can access all of Memet's permanent, past adventures when you talk to her.

MindBreaker Class Update

When you purchase a 12,000 AdventureCoin pack, you automatically unlock the MindBreaker Class, armor set, and character page badge. Originally, the class + gear required membership to use, as a bonus for those who bought AdventureCoins and kept an active membership.

After listening to the feedback of many of our players over the last few years, this week we've removed the member flag from the class and armor set. Once you unlock it, you'll be able to use it forever, as long as your account is active. 

Next up... reworking the MindBreaker Class's skills. The Class team and I are eager to hear your thoughts about what you like, don't like, and would like to see improved. 

And don't miss the rest of this month's update. See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

All New Daily Gifts Coming Up

Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase.

Coming next week:

  • Monday: 48 hour EXP boost
  • Tuesday: new 0 AC item drops
  • Wednesday: 72 hour Class Points boost
  • Thursday: new house items in Jana's shop
  • Friday: farming Resource Boost
  • Saturday: 48 hour Rep boost 
  • Sunday: new armor set + helms in the Chaos Rep shop

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