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January 10, 2013

2012 Holiday Events Leaving

Last Chance for 2012 Holiday Gear!

AQWorlds has had an AMAZING holiday season these past few months! But like all good things, their time to go is almost here. Make sure to log in before Monday, January 14th, because that will be your LAST chance to access:

  • our Kezeroth the World Ender Frostval event until December
  • the Save the Sun New Year's event until January
  • Quibble Coinbiter's Shop 
  • the 2013 Sun/Moon Rares Shop*  
  • the Last-ever Limited Quantity Shop** 

* This shop will go PERMA-RARE! Welcome in 2013 with some of the shiniest gear of the season!
** This is the LAST Limited Quantity Shop we will do. Once this gear is gone, it will NEVER return!

Hard at Work on the Verification Shop Armors!

We're pushing to get the verification shop armors out! Dage has finished the Guardian Prime and DragonLord Prime re-designs, and is powering up to finish Starlord Prime tomorrow. We HOPE to release them tomorrow, but will give a final answer as we draw closer to launch.

Twilly's Seasonal Shop Arrives Tomorrow!

Starting tomorrow, you'll be able to talk to Twilly to access a Seasonal Shop! Purchase the IceBreaker Shop Token for 1,000 AdventureCoins to open the Winter Seasonal Shop.

Then choose any (or all) of the following items:

  • IceBreaker Warrior Armor
  • Dual IceBreaker Axes
  • FrostWarder Cloak
  • Winter's Wrath Scythe

All items cost 0 AdventureCoins, so take advantage of the free storage! The shop will be available until March, when the items will change for the Spring Seasonal Shop!

Reminder: Ranger Class Arrives in Battleon!

Rangers are stealthy and hard to track down! But tomorrow, the Ranger Class will be placed in the Class Shop in Battleon for 2,000 ACs. In the past, the Class was earned by ranking up your SandSea Reputation, one of the hardest (and therefore most satisfying to complete) factions in the game.

The AC version of the Class is a short-cut intended for our players who want to enjoy the Class but don't have enough time to earn it through many, MANY victories in battle!

To differentiate between the two versions, we're re-naming the original Ranger Class. Starting tomorrow, those of you who have it already will find the Master Ranger Class in your inventories. The AC version will remain the same as it currently is.

Tomorrow: Find Darkhorn Tomb... and Lionfang!

Chaos always has a beginning; but will YOU be its end? Travel back in time to discover how Maximillian Lionfang started down the path to become the eleventh Lord of Chaos.

After learning that his General might have found a flaw in Drakath's Chaotic power, King Alteon sends you to aid Lionfang in his quest. Fight alongside this great and powerful Warrior before he takes up his banner against Evil.

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