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February 20, 2013

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Your Adventure Begins (Again) This Friday!

Face an undead General this Friday as it leads an attack from atop a monstrous black dragon! Sepulchure's skeletal army MUST be stopped, and YOU are the only Hero who can save Lore! New and old players can run through our latest battle tutorial while seasoned warriors can take on the Hittin' the DoomKitten challenge fight!

We continue to refine the intro to our game with a new cutscene, a BIG boss battle, and clearer instructions! Rewards of varying levels unlock at the end of a battle through a tower under attack from Sepulchure's army.

Why Include Sepulchure?

When we created AQWorlds 4+ years ago, many of you knew exactly who Sepulchure was and why it was bad when he (SPOILER) dies. But now, tons of our NEW players haven't played our older games and don't understand the importance of Drakath slaying Sepulchure. 

Reworking the first cutscene allows us to give a better indication that Sepulchure is an entity to fear, making Drakath's victory more impressive... and Sepulchure's remaining influence on AQW characters more fearsome.

Hittin' the DoomKitten Challenge?!

That's right, I let the cat out of the bag!. For our players with higher levels and more experience, we wanted to offer you the biggest challenge fight you've faced in a while, and what better boss to beat than the... DOOMKITTEN?! Long-time DragonFable players will remember this deceptively-darling creature as a boss fight you might just want to turn tail and run from!

Update: Due to a devious plot by the DoomKitten (or maybe just this winter illness I'm fighting off), the Challenge fight may need to be delayed until next week. I will try to get the battle released, and will let you know a definite launch date as soon as I do!

Beautiful Creatures Limited Time Shop!

Unleash the animal inside when align with the Light OR the Dark when you select gear from the Beautiful Creatures shop! These Magi have become twisted, permanently frozen into the animal shapes they morphed into while spell-crafting. 

Quibble Update, Suggestion Shop, and New Battleon!

Quibble gest his LAST update this week! The DeathBlood armor releases to herald in next week's LionFang release in the Death Pits! Heroes, prepare for BATTLE with gear that will save your life (or unlife)!

We are also planning a Suggestion Shop update this week! This Friday, head to Yulgar's Inn to check out new gear created by our artists from YOUR ideas!

J6 and I are also hard at work on the new Battleon redesign! Though nothing will release THIS week, we are working on the new art for Battleon...

AND a new road to travel down. This route will guide you through the Chaos zones in order while giving you more places to farm as you adventure through Lore! Mini-cutscenes will take you from this path to Chaorrupted areas around AQWorlds!

Leaving Soon!

The Carnaval Rares and Paymentez Carnaval Rares shops leave TOMORROW, but the zone will remain in-game permanently! Quibble Coinbiter leaves next Wednesday, and the Tournament Rares shop leaves March 1st! 

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