Design Notes

November 30, 2012


Journey to The Span to battle the Dragonoid!

Power through the ultimate battle to save your future! The Crystal Dragonoid is the final opponent to beat before you can face the Chronomancer Chaos Lord! Soar through space and shatter asteroids in an all-new minigame. Next week: battle the Chaos Beast AND the Chaos Lord!

Talk to Twilly to Unlock New Treasure Chest Items!

All-new Treasure Chest items are packing a galaxy's worth of epic into Twilly's Treasure Chest Quest!

Space Voyager Armor!

With 19 NEW items to get, you've got a lot of battling ahead of you to gather enough treasure chests! Remember, you can buy Treasure Chest Keys for Adventure Coins OR get two FREE Treasure Chest Keys every month you have an active membership!

Evolved Bounty Hunter Armor!

Tech V9 Mech Armor!

Test the Tutorial to Help Improve AQWorlds!

Even the shiniest new content can use a bit of a polish. /join tutorial to run through our updated intro map and battle the Ultra Lich! Your feedback is incredibly helpful as we work to improve AQWorlds!

We will also be working more on the Book of Lore. It still has some bugs, and your feedback on the changes has given us a good direction to go in. Keep an eye out for future changes!

Look for more Design Notes tomorrow with all of the behind-the-scenes changes we've introduced to AQWorlds to help improve functionality!

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