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October 04, 2014

This is Mogloween

Four Nostalgia Packed Posts!

Holidays are big in Artix Entertainment, but few are more hyped than the October spooktacular Mogloween. Whether you’ve play each release or are new to the AQW family, check back every Thursday this month for a new nostalgia-filled Mogloween themed Throwback. The more knowledge a hero has, the more they can get out of all the previous Mogloween maps!

Pumpkin King Canarage

Back in October of 2008, when AQW was barely on the road to the MMO it is today, the bridge between Lore and Mystcroft become clear. In a town where it is always Mogloween, ghouls and bumps in the night are the norm. However a vicious vegetable, The Great Pumpkin King, proved to more trouble than the town’s inhabitants could endure. Luckily, Artix didn’t want any Mogloween sweets, he needed a monster to stick his (chainsaw) teeth into. This Pumpkin beast can’t be defeated, only contained after its arrival every Mogloween.
Following years of Artix vs Pumpkin clashes, he needs a hero to take up the fight. With the drops available, it’s time to grab a sickle and start slaying. Just listen to these satisfied plant killers:
Alina: I got a Great Pumpkin Sword!
Twilly: I got the Pumpkin Lord Class!!!
Artix: I got a Mini-Pumpkin Pet!!!!!
Cysero: I got a rock.


In 2009 AQW players finally learned about something better than beating the King of the pumpkins.What could be possibly be more enjoyable? Why, being a lord of those orange wannabe gourds of course. Be warned, obtaining the coveted Pumpkin Lord class is no easy task. Finding a ripe enough verision to pluck from the dying leaves of the StalkWalker or Great Pumpkin King is quite rare. Expect a successful search 1 out of every 100 times. If one can claim the Pumpkin Lord for their own, be ready to carve through enemies in Mystcroft and beyond!

Double Bubble Toil and Trouble

Between the 3 cauldron sisters and a seemingly sympathetic Vampire Queen, Mystcroft has enough quests and items to obtain that a skeleton can be worked to the bone. Before any candy shoppe or corny farm adventures, it’s time to help out Safiria and the sisters Bubble, Toil, and Trouble in Mystcroft's resident haunted mansion. If a true hero can help all the residents out in a pinch, Safiria may have some thrilling Vampire Queen requests in store. Before offering assistance know that these sisters are all candy, all the time. With their talking candy cauldron Myx they plan to make enough sweets for everyone. As frequent stars of AQW’s Mogloween adventures, you never know trouble they get themselves into. Whether driving Lore’s Moglins into sugar related insanity or investigating some children’s obsession with corn, they know how to keep October interesting.

More Tricks and Treats to come

This is only the first few licks of the lollipop that is Mogloween! The cauldron sisters and all of Mystcroft’s residents have plenty more stories to tell. Log on tomorrow to relive 6 years of amazing releases! Between Anniversaries, Upholder opportunities and Mogloween, October is shaping up to be a busy month. No tricks here, be sure to check the DNs often to not miss any info or Mogloween Throwbacks! Please tweet me @ACWO or comment on the forms with any suggestions for Mogloween NCPs or releases you’d like me to showcase next.

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