Design Notes

August 20, 2010

MAGI of Arcangrove

Arcangrove Tower  is OPEN!


Visit our lovely tower! Feast on one or more of Blakk's magical pets! Spend your hard earned gold on some of Master Druid Moonwrath's Arcangrove items! Spend quality time with your friends earning Arcangrove reputation to earn the right to weild or wear some of the awesome, uncommon reputation items! Read a raondom entry from the Encyclopedia Arcana! Play with our broken teleporter pad! Experiment with Reens' one-time-use potions and scrolls!

This is only the first portion of the town that will be expanding even further next week, as we begin exploring the magical and mysterous Arcangrove!

Player Suggestion Shop UPGRADE!

We are also adding a few more items to the ever expanding Player Suggestion shop in Yulgar's Inn. This shop is FILLED with amazing items pulled from our Player Suggestion Forums, designed by players just like you and brought to life bu our amazing artists!

This expansion brings you 2 brand new culor custom armors, one matching helm and a pair of REALLY HUGE daggers!

We always read that forum and look at the buckets if creativity pouring out of you guys. If you haven't checked out the thread, you really should. You can get lost in there just spending HOURS going over the pages and pages of fantastic creations. Maybe you'll want to add something? We're always expanding the shop so maybe next time it will be YOUR item that becomes a part of AQ Worlds!

Dage The Evil

One such player going by Dage The Evil is currently helping out the art team. His armor is still in the Player Suggestion shop but now we've hidden him somewhere in the game and added some of the most difficult quests in the game to him, but the rewards are worth the effort. If you can find him, you might be able to upgrade his original armor design to something far more sinister!

Happy hunting!

Friday the 13th George Lowe Event!

Due to the populatiry of this event we have extended the event rares shop and ability to get the Friday the 13th achievement badge for a few more days. They will be removed mid-week next week so if you haven't gotten the chance to check out the Event Rares or get your badge, now would be the ideal time.

The badge will come back Next Friday the 13th but the rares will be leaving forever. This is your ONLY chance to get them!


One and a half weeks left until DRAGONCON 2010! As you are probably aware, every year the crew from AE's secret Underground Lab (us) pack up our things and head northwards, neither toward nor away from the setting sun, to the fabled Lost City of Atlanta. Georgia.

There we take part in the east coast's (maybe the world's) largest Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. It's ALWAYS a fun time for geeking out, failing to sleep and meeting new friends (in fact, it's where we met Stratos, back when I was head of DragonFable). This year we've got a 3 hour panel in a much larger room than last year and we'd love to fill every seat with one or more humans. Our panels are filled with fun stuff, behind the scenes stuff, contests, free swag, moglin punting, a free rare non-member pet and we'll sign anything you put in front of us whether you want us to or not.

I signed a baby last year.

Voltaire, Kimberly and Geroge Lowe are all going to be at con and MIGHT show up for our little panel!

Satuday 1 PM
Sheraton Hotel, Savannah Room

We're also co-hosting a MMO party Saturday night!

I know that some of you are going but if you happen to live in the greater Atlanta area, happen to be going there around the beginnig of September, or have a little time off coming up and some extra money for the con ticket you should come out! We'd love to hang and you won't be disappointed.

To misquote Captain James Tiberius Kirk... "COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!"

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