Design Notes

April 29, 2014

Limited Quantity Set Amounts

Sets Go Rare This Friday, May 9th!

The first-ever Limited Quantity Sets are almost all gone - only one set remains! Check out the Lavastorm Lord Limited Quantity Set on the LQS webpage HERE, but do not wait too long, because it will only be available for a few more days!

The Glacier Lord is a pretty cool guy.

When and Where to Get the Gear

Not sure what time the shop opens or restocks? Use this timezone converter to find out what time it is in YOUR area! 

Find it here!

Once 6:30 PM server time hits, head to this webpage and log in with your AQW account (this page is on the site, but will NOT be available until 6:30 PM)

Shop Update/Restock Times

  1. 6:30 PM Friday, May 2nd
  2. 4:30 AM Saturday, May 3rd
  3. 2:30 PM Saturday, May 3rd
  4. 12:30 AM Sunday, May 4th
  5. 10:30 AM Sunday, May 4th
  6. 8:30 AM, May 5th
  7. 6:30 PM, May 5th

Note 1: Based on player feedback and overwhelming demand, both May 5th restocks will take place as scheduled.

Note 2: The restock amount will always be added to the previous amount of gear. Gear not sold before a restock will remain in the shop.

Glacier Lord Set

Price: 1250 ACs, Quantity: 5000 

  • Glacier Lord Armor 
  • Glacial Horns
  • Glacial Lord Hood
  • Wrap of the Frostwyrm
  • Fridge Edge Blade
  • Great Blade of Frostclaw
  • Glacial Daggers of Freezing
  • Glacier Lord Cowl


  • Initial quantity: 1000
  • Restock amount: 1000

Lavastorm Lord Set

Price: 1250 ACs, Quantity: 5000 

  • Lavastorm Lord Armor 
  • Lavastorm Horns
  • Lavastorm Hood
  • Lavastorm Cowl
  • Volcano's Embrace Cloak
  • Molten Heartpiercer Scythe
  • Dual Molten Heartpiercer Scythes
  • Lavastorm's Reach Polearm


  • Initial quantity: 1000
  • Restock amount: 1000

Dragon's Salvation Set (Legend-Only)

Price: 50000 gold, Quantity: 15000  

The Legend perks just keep coming: if you've EVER upgraded your account, you can buy this set for gold... then go in-game and unlock the 0 AC items. (The items will not require an upgrade to equip.)

Armor set is color-customizable!*

  • Dragon's Salvation Armor
  • Dragon's Guard
  • Silken Cloak of Loyalty
  • Flared Loyalty Wrap
  • Bright Dragon Battlepet


  • Initial quantity: 3000
  • Restock amount: 3000

* A Dark version of this set will be available in next week's Rare shop.

ShadowDragon Gear (All Players)

Price: 75000 gold, Quantity: 30000

  • Shadow Dragon Pet
  • ShadowDragon Axe
  • ShadowDragon Blade
  • ShadowDragon Polearm


  • Initial quantity: 6000
  • Restock amount: 6000

How Do Limited Quantity Sets Work?

Limited Quantity Sets will work VERY differently from the way Limited Quantity Shops did in the past, though the core idea - a limited quantity of gear - will remain the same.

  1. Log into a special LQS webpage on (not into the game!) 
  2. Purchase the set using either ACs or gold
  3. Log into AQW and find your set badge in the Book of Lore (no character page badge attached.)
  4. Get all the items in the badge shop for 0 ACs (yay free storage!)

Actual prices and quantities are listed above.

Amounts will restock throughout the weekend  so that everyone gets a fair chance at the gear. (That means we will only release a fraction of the total amount at first.)

Where to Find the Sets

Check the Design Notes, hompage, and upgrade page for the webpage where you can buy the sets! You'll also be able to log into AQW and talk to Khuddar Khamundi, the Black Market Vendor, will return to Battleon with a link to the webpage. 

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