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June 05, 2014

Lorepedia Lives!

And it needs YOUR help!

Sora here,

Not that long ago I took over the Lorepedia page for AQW.  My team and I are in the works to bring some major updates to it.  Some have already started, as in the new Staff Pages, but we need a lot more help for you guys.

Maya Wants You!

What is Lorepedia?

For everyone who might not know, Lorepedia is a giant encyclopedia dedictated to all things involving AQWorlds.  Right now it lists Classes, Staff, Enhancements, a list of Badges, etc, anything a new or even seasoned player might need information on.  Sadly a lot of it now is out of date.

Areas that are currently being worked on;

  • Updating the classes list
  • Making a Chaos Storyline walk thru guide
  • Staff pages for ALL our games

Mobius Walk-thru

How you can help!

We want your ideas - Lorepedia is your guide to the game! What better way then to find out how to make it better then by asking the players?  Tweet ideas to AQWLorepedia, the official twitter account for Lorepedia.  Also the forum has an entire section for ideas.  Have an awesome picture of you and friends taking down a Chaos Lord? Post it and it could be used in the Storyline Guide.  Have an idea for a section that doesn't exist, or is there a current section that you feel needs more love? (Classes...yes I know...) tweet and post your thoughts.

I can't wait to see your ideas and please follow AQWLorepedia for updates!

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