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August 23, 2012

Lorepedia Encyclopedia

Buff your INT stats IRL!

Everything you ever wanted to know about AQWorlds… and some stuff that you never knew existed… can be found in the Lorepedia!

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Lorepedia is the official AdventureQuest Worlds Encyclopedia teeming with invaluable information (and lots of pretty pictures!) about Classes, Enhancements, Character Page Badges, Membership Benefits, Moglins, and the Player Handbook. Lorepedia is not meant to replace the awesome AQW Wiki nor step on the toes of the wonderful Wiki team—Lorepedia is just another source of information to help you and your friends become the ultimate AQWorlds hero! So allow me explain each Lorepedia section a bit better!


With the new school year upon us, it’s time to attend your classes. But in AQWorlds, YOU get to choose what Classes to master! We’ve got over 50 awesome Classes to choose from, all of which are interchangeable whenever you want (ooohh I wish my school schedule was that lenient!). But with so many Classes with so many Stats and so many Skills, it can get pretty confusing trying to figure everything out. Let Lorepedia be your cheat-sheet instead! The Classes section of Lorepedia breaks apart every Class, explaining what the Class is, where to find it, what Enhancements work best, Base Stats (that is, without any applied Enhancements), and the Skills and Passive Abilities. If you wanna master any Class—and check out all of your available options—head to the Classes section of Lorepedia!



Enhancements are magical! And I’m not just saying that because I’ve run out of synonyms for “awesome”—Enhancements really are magical things used to increase your Strength, Intellect, Endurance, Dexterity, Wisdom, and Luck Stats. There are 10 different types of Enhancements that can be applied to your Helms, Weapons, Capes, and Classes (even though they’re called “Armor Enhancements”...what the…?). The right Enhancement can make all the difference between victory and respawn—so read up before you Enhance up!



OMGOMGOMG Moglins are sooo totally adorable! =D EEEP! But there’s a lot more to a Moglin than his cuddly fabric softener bear appearance. The Moglins section in Lorepedia briefly explains some of the most famous—and infamous—Moglins found in AQWorlds. More Moglin biographies will be added in the future… because it’s pretty hard to hold an interview when all I do is squeal with delight over the lovable, huggable, squishy Moglins that I cherish so much!

Moglins Button

Character Page Badges

Aside from showing off all your epic loot on your Character Page, there are tons of Badges you can earn throughout your travels in AQWorlds. The Badges section of Lorepedia lists every Badge and how you can earn it, from upgrading to a Member to equipping HeroMart items IRL to participating in live in-game events. New Badges are added all the time, so I will try my best to keep up!


Membership Benefits and Perks

There are SO MANY benefits of being a Member. Not only does your Membership keep the AQWorlds team adequately caffeinated, it also unlocks over 3,000 items, allows for Pets, and grants you access to exclusive areas and zones and quests and challenge boss battles, just to name a few =p The Membership Perks section of Lorepedia lists all of the awesome benefits of being a Member, so check this out if you want to support your favorite MMO. We couldn’t have made it this far without our Members, so thank you! <3

Membership Perks

The AQW Player Handbook

An ever-expanding World of Quest and Adventure unfolds as you explore AdventureQuest Worlds. The Player Handbook is your guide to all of the features found within the world of Lore, from Player vs Player battles to Interface Icons to different Emotes used in Chat. Since knowledge is power, everyone of every level can benefit from reading the Player Handbook!

Player Handbook

The AQW Staff List

I've also added an AQW Staff List here so you can see the team that makes the game! Get to know the game developers, moderators, and support staff who make sure you have an AEsome time playing AQWorlds!

Coming Soon

Believe it or not, this is only the beginning of Lorepedia. There are lots of new exciting sections in the works, from NPCs to Chaos Lords to an AQW Staff page that links our REAL Twitter and Facebook pages—so no more worrying about fakes and phonies. There is no set date as to when Lorepedia will receive new sections, but keep checking the Design Notes and my Twitter for new Lorepedia updates =D

What You Can Do for Me

I need YOUR help to make Lorepedia the best ever! Aside from being natural-born heroes, you guys and gals harbor amazing creative talent and always come up with the best ideas =D I would love to hear your thoughts as to what new Lorepedia sections should be added next!

But not just yet.

Our wonderful Forums Staff is currently working on creating a “Lorepedia” section on the Forums. Some of the ideas we are tossing around include fan art, screenshots, new chapter suggestions, and class tips & tricks. So start brainstorming with your friends today! And as soon as the Lorepedia Forums is up and running, you can post all of your great ideas and suggestions there.

Don’t worry—I will let you know when the Lorepedia Forums goes live in another glorious pink Design Notes post! ^o^

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