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April 24, 2013

LightCaster Package Offer

Become a LightCaster and Command the Light!

Become a LightCaster to destroy the Darkness! Will you wield the Light... or fight against it? The Order of the LightCasters formed to support the Champion of Light, but war grows closer and they need YOUR help!

Starting today, April 24th, at 12 PM server time (Noon), upgrade with either a 3 month membership package OR purchase a 5,000 AdventureCoin package to unlock the LightCaster Armor set

Become a LightCaster and rule the Light

ALL of the items unlocked when you purchase either the 3 month membership or the 5K AdventureCoin package will be non-member, 0 ACs for free storage AND will come with a character page badge!

  • Get all 8 PLUS 2 Member-only exclusive weapons for free when you buy a 3 Month Membership package! 
  • Get all 8 items for free if you buy a 5,000 Adventure Coin package!

OR buy individual LightCaster items from the Limited Time LightCaster Shop for AdventureCoinsThe shop will be available until June 4th.

Wield weapons made of Light

The LightCaster Limited Time Shop will include:

  • LightCaster Armor
  • LightCaster Runic Cape
  • Shining LightCaster Runes
  • LightCaster's Ring Helm
  • LightCaster's Ringed Hood
  • Hammer of Shining Justice
  • Wand of Glory
  • Staff of Victory

Member-Only LightCaster Exclusive Items are:

  • Blade of Loyalty
  • Spear of Honor

Astral Guardian and Wander Sets Leave at Noon!

The introduction of the LightCaster special package means the Astral Guardian and Wanderer package will go rare on Wednesday! Since we promised that the Astral Guardian Limited Time Shop would remain in-game until May, it will be available until May 1st.

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