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August 14, 2019

Battle Concert Happening Now

Log in NOW to see Korn to play concerts in AdventureQuest 3D & AQWorlds

Starting August 20th, get in the most brutal mosh pit ever... and make video game history! Korn is playing the grand opening of the Battle Concert Arena in the massively multiplayer games, AdventureQuest 3D & AQWorlds. The band will play on stage while you fight monsters, score loot, and hear a new song from Korn's upcoming album.... NOTHING.

Ticket price? Free. Travel time? None. Log in at

WHO: You, your friends, and Korn
WHAT: Free virtual concert in both AdventureQuest Worlds & AdventureQuest 3D
WHEN: Right now!
WHERE: AdventureQuest 3D & AdventureQuest Worlds

Event Collections

The event is free for everyone to play. But yeah, there are special event packs to optionally buy, too. The special event packages include the Korn-branded items, monster morph armors and helms, bonus quests, and more… including a backstage pass so you can get a virtual backstage experience with the virtual band and take a virtual selfie. 

  • Event Collection: Unlocks select Korn-branded items, access to the backstage area + exclusive merge shop during the event, and exclusive Event Collection character page badge
  • VIP Event Collection: Unlocks ALL Korn-branded items, the color-customizable Heavy Metal Necro class and armor set, access to the PERMANENT version of the backstage area + exclusive merge shop, and exclusive VIP Event Collection character page badge
  • ALL ACCESS PASS: Unlocks full access to the VIP event collections in AdventureQuest Worlds and AdventureQuest 3D

Concert Arena Rewards

Talk to Johnny Trax, the concert merch vendor, to see her merge shop full of all-new concert outfits and weapons! Save up the Arena Coins the monsters drop* -- you'll use them to create Korn Tokens and Metal Badges (along with other event merge items) in her merge shop to create the Heavy Metal Necro class!

Complete the event and you will earn the rare Dark Mosh Pit badge! (You will only be to earn this badge during the event featuring Korn!)

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