Design Notes

June 03, 2013

The June of Doom!

A summer full of everything Evil

It’s the first week of June… and it’s the first time we’ve dedicated an entire month to the Lord of the Undead Legion, Dage the Evil!

Dage the Evil June of Doom in online adventure games

Dage is more than just a pretty face—he’s everyone’s favorite artist/weapon forger/armor welder/devourer of souls. Dage the Evil has created absolutely amazing in-game items for AdventureQuest Worlds, and with over 30,000 Twitter followers, it’s safe to say this Undead Legion Lord is as infamous as he is popular. 

Soooo why not devote an entire month to everything EVIL?

I like the way you think, you little evil mastermind =D

Tuesday’s Featured Artist Shop

I think math is pure Evil. So let’s solve a little algebraic equation:

Q: Find the Value of “Featured Artist” 

1st week of June of Doom
(Featured Artist Shop


Every Tuesday)
“Featured Artist”

Epic Rare Items

A: The Value of “Featured Artist” is: Dage the Evil!

Starting tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, June 4), Jemini’s Magical Anime Shop full of happiness and joy will be replaced by Dage’s dark and wicked Undead Legion Rares.

Dage the Evil's Artist Shop Preview for online adventure game

Oh yes. All RARES. You read that right. Dage has been working on these terrific terrifying armors, helms, capes, weapons, and pets for a few weeks now, perfecting every one of them just for YOU.

And you will NOT need any Legion Tokens to purchase the Rares from Tuesday’s shop. But keep on earning Legion Tokens, because there WILL come a time in the near future which Legion Tokens WILL be required to obtain more Undead Legion loot. Keep that in mind, intrepid Legionnaires. 

Dage the Evil would be honored to see you in his personal Undead Legion Rares from his Featured Artist Shop. And you’ll need to be heavily armed if you hope to survive your newest adventures arriving Friday…

Dage hath no fury… like a woman scorned!

Off the distant coast of Lore, protected by an endless uncharted ocean, the volcanic Isle of Fotia (pronounced foe-thee-ah) is in trouble. The massive volcano at the edge of town is about to erupt, and will easily wipe out the inhabitants of Fotia.

Isle of Fotia preview in free online game AQWorlds

But Fotia is a place like you’ve never experienced before; this island is home to the Femme Fatalities Cult… all of which are women! For centuries, the Femme Fatalities have sworn to never allow outsiders—especially males—to travel to the Isle of Fotia. And above all else, these ladies seriously scorn Dage the Evil. 

But why?!

 Isle of Fotia preview in free online adventure game AQWorlds

Starting this Friday, you and your friends will travel to the mysterious volcanic island of Fotia and meet the Femme Fatalities. Here you will learn the secrets of this ancient cult, uncover the reasoning behind the ladies’ scorn, and attempt to save the Isle of Fotia!

How exciting! Can’t wait to see what deviously delicious Dage items make the scene starting tomorrow afternoon! 

Fun Fact of the Day

June 3rd is Repeat Day!

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