Design Notes

December 30, 2020

2020 is... OVER!

A Bright New Year is Waiting...

Tonight, /join newyear to replay all our holiday events and -- if you're impatient for 2021 to get here (I am pretty sure we ALL are…) take out your rage on the 2020 Ball monster. Head North from the Enter area and defeat it for a chance to get the pieces of the Name set. Battle your way through the first adventure of 2021 as you race to stop the rogue Chronomancer, Au'eir, from releasing the Chronocide and destroying time itself!


Starting tonight, you'll also be able to re-play through all our previous New Year's events in...

  • newyears
  • newyearlab
  • darksun
  • frostmane
  • grimattack
  • cathedral
  • everfrost
  • chronophoenix
  • and now timeritual

Then return on Friday, January 1st for new 2021 rare drops, shop gear, our January seasonal set, and the ContractKeeper of Nulgath upgrade bonus pack! Plus, Tinsel's Giftboxes will open and the Honorable Hero 2020 character page badge arrives this week!

New Year's Rare Gear

And don't miss the New Year's 2021 Rares gear! Find the Duality Sorceress set in your Game Menu starting tonight. 

New Year's Rewards

We have 13 new holiday monster drops ready and waiting for you tonight, and another 13 arriving on January 1st! Battle the 2021 Ball Monster in /newyear and the boss in /timeritual to collect them all!

Tomorrow: "Made it Through 2020" Badge

It is January 1, 2020. Through a year of unprecedented challenges, you kept going. You didn’t stop. That’s what heroes do. 

As 2021 begins, the heroes of Lore and all of you in our video game community will battle through new adventures, face unfamiliar challenges, and achieve even greater victories the way we always have. Together. 

We had jokingly promised that you deserved a badge just for making it through the craziness of 2020. No one is laughing now, but you crossed the finish line.

 Your badge is waiting for you. Talk to Valencia in Battleon tomorrow and complete her quest for your badge.

Happy new year, everyone, and thank you for making Artix Entertainment’s video games possible!

January 2021 Event Calendar

January is a month of new beginnings and birthdays in AQWorlds! To help ALL our heroes celebrate the new year and our many team birthdays, we’ve got a host of new events, new rewards, and new daily login gifts! 

See the full release lineup here: AdventureQuest Worlds calendar.

Daily Gift Schedule

Log in each day for a new server-wide reward item, boost, or drop rate increase.

Coming next week:

  • Thursday: Party Time Twig pet
  • Friday: 72 hour Gold, Rep, XP, and Class Points server boosts
  • Saturday: Timeseeker Staff
  • Sunday: Timeseeker Daggers

Get the Artix Games Launcher

Adobe Flash Player is stopping support on December 31st, but never fear! We've created the Artix Games Launcher so that you can continue playing AdventureQuest Worlds and your other favorite Artix Entertainment games... no Flash Player plug-in or web browser needed!  Get the Artix Games Launcher at

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