Design Notes

August 01, 2011

A Six-Sational Week Coming Up!

J6's storyline and feature updates ahead!

Junk in the trunk? Who would'a thunk? J6 could, would, and DID! And so did all of you, because you kept requesting more Hyperium updates. That's why, even though he's on a well-deserved vacation this week, we're taking you from the Sandsea's Spitoon Saloon full of hard-ridin', quick-shootin' cowboys all the way into... SPACE!

This Friday you'll want to check out J6's popup text for the hint to where the next encrypted Datadisk is hidden. Happy hunting! And once you find it, you'll need to make your way to the Hyperium's reality-bending VR Room because the search for item 58-Sr3 is ON, and it's VITAL J6 finds it! 58-S4r3 is the key to a plan that's been in production for millennia!

The Hyperium's Artificial Life system is voiced by Warlic.

Remember, though, that everything you'll be seeing in the VR Room is all a part of J6's memories, as replayed by HAL. And memories can contain a lot of clues about a person... IF you're quick enough to pick up on them! What have YOU learned about J6 so far? And what will you learn this weekend? Better sharpen your wits and polish your six-shooters, because you're going to need to puzzle (and BATTLE!) your way through Friday's out-of-this-world update!

Suggestion Shop Update Coming!

That's right, it's time for another round of Player Suggestions to be released in-game! We've gotten some REALLY good submissions, and we're eager to see your art Flashed-up and spiffified by our artists. If you haven't shown us any of your art yet, head on over to the AQW Suggestions board and share it with everyone!

Features, features, features!

We've been planning on making some feature changes and updates to the game for a while, and now that the DoomWood Saga is over, we've got the means and the manpower to make them happen!

Here's what we'll be working on this week:

  • PVP duel on/off:
    choose whether or not to receive 1v1 PvP invites
  • Book of Lore restructure:
    streamlining, updating and re-organizing
  • Character Page updates:
    list items equipped
  • Gender changes:
    from male to female and back again! (AC feature)

We're PLANNING on getting ALL of these out this week, but we can't promise that EVERY one of them will be released. Most of these feature implementations are on Yorumi's schedule, and he also has to code the J6 release. So if you're really eager to see these get in-game, make sure you /cheer Yorumi on!

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