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July 01, 2016

Hunt for the Infinity Shield

Battle through the Shifting Pyramid to recover the shield!

Anubyx is determined to see you enter the 4th Dimensional Pyramid, survive its dangers, fulfill the prophecy, and come out alive. There's only one thing he can think of to help you -- the Infinity Shield -- a condensed anti-quasar that will keep you safe as you fight to survive Sekt's dungeon!

Take on the crazed creatures spawned from the heart of the Black Hole Sun as you fight to come out on top (literally!) - once the Infinity Shield is yours, you'll be ready to enter the Fourth Dimensional Pyramid next week! 

The Shifting Pyramid Merge Shop has the following gear for you:

  • Void Wanderer armor
  • Dark Matter cape
  • Dark Flaming Fists
  • Colossal Black Hole Sword
  • Black Hole Sword
  • Black Hole Spear

You'll need to defeat tonight's boss monster to get the fangs necessary to create the gear. You'll ALSO find new rewards dropping off the monsters in the map!

  • The Tomb Thief armor and turban (looks like SOMEBODY failed the judgement test)
  • The Goblin pet and cauldron cape
  • The Vortex Hawk 
  • and the Infinity Shield Cape, a 1% drop off tonight's boss monster!
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