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July 15, 2010

Hey Fat

Now It's Time For A Breakdown!

Let's have a quick summary of what we've got going on.


AE has a merch booth at MetroCon in Tampa next weekend. Artix, Nythera and a few other AE staffers will be manning the booth.

Buy ANYTHING there and get a free non-member Samurai Moglin pet!

Chickencow Tee!

First appearing, at the MertoCon Merch booth, then being sold in Heromart. Buy this and get a bonus non-member Armored Chickencalf Pet in AQW and one in DF too!

A  beautiful shirt again again
Look, A Shirt!

Giant Tale!

Tomorrow we continue the Giant Tale storyline in AQW with lots of new items for members and non-members, several new quests and 2 more BRILLIANT cutscenes (As per usual, I wrote them)!

New Guardian & Defender!

Tomorrow the non-member Guardian class gets a skills make over for the AQ Classic verification shop, and the current Guardian skills are moving to the Defender class, which will be another non-member armor availible in ALL 3 verification shops.

Comic Contest Winners!

Announced tomorrow. We've been making Beleen read all of them to narrow down the best of the best for judging!

Prizes are all in BATTLEON POINTS which you can use on ANY AE GAME! You can even get an upgrade in AQW with them if you want.

Or get some Varuim to get some Beta items before EpicDuel
leaves Beta testing forever!

More Friends List Space!

A lot of you have asked for more friends list space. I talked to Zhoom about adding 10 more spaces for everyone for free and he said ask Artix if it was OK.

I asked Artix is it was OK if we added 10 more friends list spaces for free for everyone and he told me to ask Zhoom if the servers could handle it.

So, there ya go. Next weekend, (not tomorrow) we'll adding 10 more friend spaces for free for everyone.

Changes To The Miltonius Quests!

We've been having a lot of Player Support issues with the AC item turn-ins from the Miltonius quests, so next weekend (not this weekend) we will be removing the AC items and changing the quests. It will be rougnly 40 times more difficult to get those items from that point forward.

If you have the AC items that you need but haven't turned them in yet DO IT NOW. More than a week warning should be more than you need, but I wanted to make sure that nobody wasted their ACs.

Friday the 13th?!?!?!

Voltaire is very busy working on his NEW ALBUM (which, i'm told, will feature AQW songs AND art on the cover) so he can't do a Friday the 13th event.

What kind of Friday the 13th Event would YOU like to see in AQW? Let us know on the Forums!

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