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July 15, 2016

Grand Opening: HeroMart Store... in AQW

Unlock more In-Game Rewards with HeroPoints!

Stop by HeroMart in Battleon! Talk to Stryche to see all of the rockin’ rewards that come with any real-world HeroMart purchase, and learn about our new points system, HeroMart’s HeroPoints! The in-game location opens THIS week for you to explore. The HeroPoints in-game currency will go live later this month!

Heromart is about to ramp up production, with many new posters, shirts, and other gear coming in the near future! All those items will come with HeroPoints, so keep an eye out for new merch!

How to find HeroMart's New Store

  • /join heromart
  • Talk to Stryche to learn all about HeroMart and its merch
  • Browse the store to see his big-ticket items and their in-game rewards
  • Click on items that interest you to get more information or go straight to HeroMart to buy them

HeroPoints: A New Way to Get In-Game Rewards

HeroPoints are a new way for you to get even more rewards when you get merchandise from HeroMart! Existing store items will keep the codes they currently use, but from here on out, select HeroMart merchandise will come with a quantity of HeroPoints that you can spend in Stryche's in-game merge shop.

  • 1 HeroPoint is roughly equal to $5 USD
  • For every $5 dollars you spend at HeroMart, you'll get 1 HP

We are currently planning to introduce new in-game items in the HeroPoints Shop each year, and retire old items. 

  • A new HeroMart CLASS and armor set
  • Showcase Villa HOUSE
  • Sneevil Bank Pet
  • Zard Bank Pet
  • Skeleton Bank Pet
  • Slime Bank Pet
  • Mystic Dragon Conqueror
  • Mystic Dragon Conqueror Helm
  • Drow Illusionist
  • Drow's Wings of Illusion
  • Enchanted Thorn Staff
  • Hood of Visions
  • Dage's Desolation G
  • Dreaded Axe of Evil
  • Blinding Edge of the Good
  • Twisted Crystal Staff
  • Heromart Gem Pet
  • Time-Travel Bot
  • Edge of Infinity
  • Bow of Galactic Conquest
  • Undead Artix Toy house item
  • Infinity Knight statue house item
  • Legion Paladin statue house item
  • And more to come in the future!

More In-Game Reward Details

  • You'll see variants of many existing HeroMart in-game rewards in the merge shop. If you bought a HeroMart item that unlocked the original versions of these itms, you will also get the variants for free in your badge shop.
  • We will not be recoloring versions of gear that has gone permanently rare, or of gear we've said can only be obtained exclusively by getting specific merchandise. (Example: the Not a Mod Class)
  • HeroPoints will only come with select future merchandise, as all current merchandise already comes with exclusive gear!
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