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May 10, 2018

Happening Now: The Great Fire War

Battle through the Iconic Adventure in AQWorlds

 Log in this weekend to fight against 1,000,000 waves of Fire Dragons alongside Galanoth the DragonSlayer. Team up with him and your fellow heroes to save the town of Ashenvale from Akriloth's army! 

The Great Fire War is one of the most iconic battles and events in the Lorian Universe, appearing in the original AdventureQuest and DragonFable. The AQWorlds team merged both stories into a new, three-week event, and it all begins this week! 

Hero vs Fire Dragons: This Means WAR!

You face a 1,000,000 wave army of fire dragons... to save Ashenvale, you'll need to raise the war meter to 100%! If you're only just joining us, here's how you fight in a war alongside your fellow heroes:

  1. Log in and click the button on your game menu to go straight to the event in /firewar
  2. Talk to Galanoth to accept the war quests
  3. Slay 5 fire dragons to complete your quest
  4. Click on the war meter to turn your quest in and raise the war meter

Each time you complete a quest, you have a chance to get one of the pieces of the DragonSlayer Recruit armor set!

Ignited Flame Guardian + Flame Guardian sets

War Meter Rewards

  • 25%: unlock new quests for more DS Recruit gear + new map frames
  • 50%: a new cutscene + War Chest with the Flame Guardian set
  • 75%: War Miniboss + new map section + new cutscene after beating the miniboss
  • 100% Boss fight + Ignited Flame Guardian war merge shop + new cutscene + farming quest
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