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November 03, 2017

Good and Evil and Golden Battles

This weekend: Golden Gauntlet, Achievement Tracker, and more!

We've got a lot planned for this weekend, and the team is already pushing full steam ahead to get everything ready for Friday. Because of how much we've got planned for you, in this week's update we return to the Celestial Realm's Arena to take on some of the brightest bosses in the game!

Golden Gauntlet in the Celestial Arena

This week's battles will send you to some of your favorite zones before you can blast through Aranx's shiniest bosses! Starting Friday, /join goldenArena and talk to Aranx to begin his quests: defeating original bosses to gain THEIR Champion Badges. Once you do, you can return to him to unlock the Golden Gauntlet boss versions.

  • Greenguard Dragon
  • Grand Inquisitor
  • Gladius
  • Karok the Fallen
  • Queen of Envy

Battle the golden bosses to get merge shop resources. You'll use these to collect the pieces of each boss's armor set! (The Blessed Inquisitor's gear is already available in the Celestial Arena)


Achievement Tracker Update

The 2017 Achievement Tracker rewards launch this weekend. Each of the 2017 Achievement Tracker houses is an exact replica of the zones themselves (except for Brightfall, which has been expanded to more closely match the size of ShadowFall).

  • 8 years membership: Swordhaven Castle House
  • 500,000 ACs: BrightFall Fortress House 
  • 9 years played: ShadowFall Fortress House

Each house will also have:

  • Color Customization room
  • Hair / Appearance room
  • Bank room
  • NPC to greet you and give access to rep shops 

Princess Victoria, Gravelyn, and the BrightScythe Gravelyn NPCs will also be added to the houses on Monday, to welcome you to your new home. See this year's Achievement Tracker update post for more details on how to claim your rewards.


NostalgiaQuest Update

Last year's 8 Year's Played achievement was an entire zone called "NostalgiaQuest" - a place where long-time heroes could go to relive some of their fondest memories and get new versions of their favorite gear. See everything the town holds in this post.

Both the team and players from around the internet sent in ideas for the update. Here's what made the final cut:

  • Mazumi NPC Armor (with male and female art), backblade, and locks 
  • Original AdventureQuest Mage, hood, cape, and staff (based off the very first Mage art Artix made back in 2002)
  • Enchanted Celestial Staff
  • Dual Iron Spears
  • Dual Undead Plague Spears
  • Dual Sanguine
  • Dual Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
  • Dual Grimlord Blade of Nulgath
  • Dual Legion Flesh Ripper
  • Dual Mighty Sword of the Dragons
  • Single-wield Butcher Knife

If you choose to change your base weapon (by enchanting it or making it dual-wield) you'll also have the option to revert it back to its original form.

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