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September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th is LIVE

Voltaire and The Curse of the Vampirates Awaits!

Ahoy, matey! Friday the 13th is making landfall RIGHT NOW! Talk to Voltaire in Battleon to /join Skullpunch and board a pirate ship captained by Voltaire, our favorite pirate musician, then head to the mysterious Treasure Island to dig up buried booty. 

  • Friday the 13th Special Event!
  • Musical Guest Star Voltaire
  • Event Rare items!
  • 4 new Maps to explore
  • Battle Bloodthirsty Vampirates
  • Voltaire Voice Acting in Cutscenes
  • Killer tunes for killer monster battles
  • Use a Treasure Map to dig up buried treasure
  • Befriend a new NPC
  • The motherload of all treasure can be yours!
  • OMG there's so many puns, too...
  • How lucky—you can play through all previous Friday the 13th events!

You think Friday the 13 superstitions are scary? Just wait until you battle these bloodthirsty monsters—THEN you’ll know the true definition of scary! And brace yourself… because the Wheel of Doom Merge Shop is LIVE!

Wheel of Doom: Merge Your Drops!

The all-new Wheel of Doom merge shop lets you take the potions and boosts you get from every spin and merge them into over 25 all-new, exclusive items! Get the Castle Crusher armor, dual pink katanas, the Chaos and Shadowscythe Cannoneer sets and coming NEXT FRIDAY: the Dual Cursed Legion Cutlasses, available until September 31st!

Quibble Coinbiter Arrives Thursday!

Once you've completed our Pirate-themed Friday the 13th event, set your sights on NEXT THURSDAY, September 19th, when Quibble arrives with a boatload full of Talk Like a Pirate Day-themed rare items!

Next Friday, battle through the deep sea to face the Chaos Kraken as our two-week Friday the 13th / Talk Like a Pirate Day crossover event continues! Legends can take on the Ultra Chaos Kraken for exclusive drops!

Friday the 13th is Brutal!

While we waited for the testers to run through the release, Memet filled an EXTRA-tall order for some epic helms! She took Voltaire's Tricorn hat and put hats on hats on hats... and then put them ALL on top of BrutalCorn! You can find the following helms in the Cursed Rares shop. But beware, a funny hat will only distract your opponent for so long!

Hanging out can be brutal.

Neck pain from too many hats makes BrutalCorn ANGRY!

Tallest hat wins in Hat vs Hat combat!

NPC Changes!

If you're looking for Drew the American Ninja and the MechQuest shop, you'll find them in Akiba and TheSpan, respectively. The 5 Daily quests to get the Realm Guardian set can be found when you head left out of Battleon into the Stonehand map.

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