Design Notes

December 11, 2020

First Frostval Gift: Gold Cap Increase

Gold Cap Increases to One Hundred Million (100,000,000)

You began your adventures in Lore as a level 1 Hero with 0 gold. But this weekend, you'll finally be able to accumulate a RIDICULOUSLY LARGE amount of gold -- 100,000,000! We're pushing the gold cap ALL THE WAY to the max to end 2020 with a BANG.

The gold cap will be most useful for our higher-level heroes farming for end-game items, but EVERYONE can benefit by saving wisely. Along with the gold cap increases, we've made a few more changes:

  • Item requirements removed from /tercessuinotlim
  • Swindle Bilk updated
  • Swindle Bilk (and the Swindle Bilk-To Go Pet) have new quests
  • Swindle’s Return Policy quest updated 
  • Swindle now has a shop where you can exchange Unidentified 10 and/or gold for reagents
  • Stack limit increased on select Nulgath materials
  • Adjustments to the ArchFiend DoomLord quests

More Gifts to Come...

Log in to get a new, special Frostval 2020 holiday gift each week!

  • Frostval Gift, Week 1: Gold Cap Increase
  • Frostval Gift, Week 2: ??? 
  • Frostval Gift, Week 3: ???
  • Frostval Gift, Week 4: ???
  • PLUS find a new server boosts, item, or farming resource boost added every day
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