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September 09, 2013

Friday the 13th & More!

Voltaire Comes Back to Lore!

This Friday is Friday the 13th, and Pirate Captain Voltaire and First Mate Deady are going to be sailing into Lore with a spooky new nautical adventure! Join them this Friday as they battle sea monsters and race to reach a priceless buried treasure before Captain Von Poach, the Vampirate, can get to it!

Artix is having so much fun he's even forgotten about the undead pirates!

If you're still craving more of Voltaire after Friday the 13th (and I know you will be), check out more of his music, books, toys, and general awesomeness on his website!


Friday the 13th Rares Shop!

The Friday the 13th Rares shop will be arriving with Voltaire this Friday. Despite the pirate theme we've got going on this week, this is NOT Quibble's Talk Like A Pirate Day shop, which will be coming next Thursday. More details on this shop when I've got 'em!

Mmm, barnacely goodness!

Wheel of Doom Merge Shop!

Got more Doom Strength Draughts than you can possibly use? Well, now you'll be able to use them to forge new gear (or create different potions) in our new Doom Merge Shop. Merge gear includes:

  • Doom Epic Flail
  • Doom Failed Epic Flail
  • Doom Frozen Tentacles
  • Cloak and Sword
  • Shadowscythe Cannoneer
  • Chaos Cannoneer
  • Shadowscythe Cannoneer Helm
  • Chaos Cannoneer Helm
  • Doom Dodge
  • Doom Haste
  • Doom Endurance


Quibble Leaves Tonight!

It's time once again for Quibble Coinbiter to leave BattleOn in search of new and wonderful things to sell when next he returns. If there's something you wanted to get, do it now before he heads out!


DragonCon Pet Coming Soon!

DragonCon attendees, you have not been forgotten - this year's pet is in the works and looking great! Here's a preview of what this little guy is going to look like:

Striking fear into the hearts of players everywhere.

This pet is so cute it's making me feel like the flu gumbo I brought back from DragonCon has disappeared! Actually, no - that was probably all the Vitamin C I've been taking. That's taking my luck into my own hands! If Friday the 13th brings you guys any bad luck, Tweet at us to let us know what you did to turn it around and make it become good luck! We'd love to hear about it!

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