Design Notes

August 10, 2010

Behind the Scenes

Working on Friday the 13th!

Superstitious heroes around the world insist that Friday the 13th is the most unlucky day of the year. Unluckier than breaking mirrors, walking under a ladder, or crossing the path of a black cat. Considering we have never experienced a Friday the 13th without crashing all the AdventureQuest Worlds servers... and bringing down the rest of our gaming network along with it... you might be surprised at how incredibly excited we are for the one coming this Friday! ...but if you have joined us for our previous super unlucky events, you know exactly why. This year we have only one and..... OMG!!!!!!! Beleen just tricked me into eating her pink table gum*! My mouth...! My mouth is burning... burning from the evil power of her PINK gum.... I am melting.... melting......**

Voice Acting 101

This special event has more voice acting than anything we have ever done before. George Lowe (best known for his role as Space Ghost) will be narrating our spooky anything goes tales. Kimberly from One-Eyed Doll and Voltaire have speaking parts too. Without spoiling any surprises.... Warlic is in the music room with 6 members of the team. All I can hear is them chanting "ONE OF US.... ONE OF US..... ONE OF US....." Strange noises have been coming from in there all day. On a positive note we feel this is more professional than that time we recorded the audio for the TV commercial in my bathroom.

Creating Spooky Stories.... with only 3 days left

Meanwhile, Miltonius, J6, Llussion, and the rest of the AQWorlds team has been working on the maps, cutscenes and quests for Friday's event. I am being dead serious when saying... we have never done something this big before. There are AT LEAST 4 new whole maps... and one of them is a puzzle map (more thinking, less combat) The one thing in this release that I am most excited about... is a replica of a place from Warlic and my favorite scary movie of all time. J6 built an AQWorlds in-game version of this cabin from floor plans.... as far as spoofing (or tipping our hats to things that have inspired us)... this is going to be tops. Hint: I am looking forward to wearing my Ebil Dread Paladin armor to this one.

Forum Question: What was your favorite AQWorlds event so far? All events are fair game including holiday events (like Mogloween, Frostvale, St Patty's Day, Heroes Heart, etc) and wierd events (like Talk like a Pirate Day, Mulligan day, April Fools, Wars, etc) I really enjoyed the 1st year anniversary with the Golden Onslaught. An army of over a million undead players sieging a fortress of Knights... classic.

* Table Gum. noun. A container of gum which sits in the middle of the DragonFable war-room. The team freshens their breath with it after lunch.... but whoever takes the last piece of gum has to go buy all new gum to refill it. The DragonFable team has a reputation of luring outsiders into eating the last piece of gum. This has caused touching the container table gum to be quite feared in the secret underground lab. Especially since a new rule has been added that... if you shake it, and there is one piece, it counts. Yes, this is all in our official  company handbook... right next to the line which says Cysero has to finish all sushi when dining with a group of 5 or more.

** It is believed that Artix has an allergy to the color pink. Beleen uses this to tease him... endlessly.

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