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July 26, 2019

Freaki Tiki Summer Beatdown

Life's a Beach... Party! 

It is a CRAZY hot summer all across the United States and Europe, with a record-breaking heat wave. It’s the perfect time for Memet to re-open her tiki bar and throw a beach party! There's just one (hundred and five degree) problem -- her beach is infested with solar elementals, and they’re making it too hot for anyone to stick around! 

This weekend, /join beachparty and...

  • Talk to Memet to begin your quests
  • Beat the heat by slaying solar flares and Elementals
  • Chill out by coolling off the Boiling Water Elementals
  • Put out fires, but try not to get (sun) burned
  • Stock Memet's shop
  • Save the day and get the beach /party started!

Beach Party Prizes

After you help Memet save her beach party, talk to her to quest for super summer reward gear, including:

  • Sunset on the Beach house
  • Crab Costume armor, helm, and accessories
  • Happy Crabs conga pet and house item
  • Freaki Beach gear
  • Beach Balls of Good, Evil, and Chaos
  • and more

Nothing says summer quite like a Nightmare Moglin riding on the back of a genetically enhanced dolphin. Find the rare "Memet Dolfo-Rider" pet and Boiling Water Elemental armor in your Featured Gear Shop until August 31st.

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